In recent years there’s been increased awareness of the needs of those with disabilities – whether mobility related, hearing or sight impairments. Homes and especially businesses should be equipped and prepared to serve anyone needing handicap accessibility. We at LoctekMotion are committed to providing accessible solutions to as much of the population as possible. Below we’ll review a variety of solutions and specifics of the best height adjustable furniture for disabled people.

Height Adjustable Desk

The seat height of wheelchairs can vary, but typically, it is set lower than the seat height of traditional stationary or wheeled office chairs. Traditional, fixed-height desks are commonly designed to pair with the height of standard chairs, but not necessarily to wheelchair height. This presents a challenge to wheelchair users in finding the right desk, as many fixed-height desks are uncomfortable or ergonomically incorrect.

Fortunately, a height adjustable desk provides an excellent solution. Even if not used as a standing desk, the adjustment capabilities often mean that desktop height can be set lower than many traditional desks. The ability to customize the desk’s height increases accessibility and comfort for many who have struggled to find the right workstation set-up. A three-stage lifting column, in particular, offers an even wider height adjustment range than a two-stage column – up to as much as six inches more, including both the high and low end. This wider range provides more flexibility in lowering the desk to the proper height.

A height adjustable desk can be helpful not only for users in wheelchairs but also for blind users. Specifically, our knock detection technology makes height adjustment simple for those with visual impairments. Instead of reaching for a specific button on the control panel, users can simply knock on the surface of the desk to adjust – once to raise, twice to lower, and once to stop. This is an excellent solution for users who would like to take advantage of sit-stand capabilities but were discouraged by hard-to-use cranks or control panels.

Height Adjustable Garage Shelf

Climbing a ladder to reach high storage shelves in the garage is dangerous for any homeowner, but for many with disabilities it’s downright impossible. LoctekMotion’s motorized, height-adjustable shelving units offer smart, accessible storage. Our space-saving shelf operates on electric linear actuators and lifting columns and can be raised and lowered using a remote control. This intelligent solution allows for safe and convenient access to stored items while keeping them up and out of the way day-to-day. Height adjustable garage shelves make otherwise hard-to-reach stored items easy to access for those in wheelchairs or with any mobility-limiting condition.

Height Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet Lift

Similarly to garage shelves, kitchen storage shelves are often placed too high to be practical for those in wheelchairs – and are apt to be used even more frequently than garage storage. Electric linear actuator technology from LoctekMotion can improve shelf accessibility by providing motorized height adjustment. Users can lower shelves with a remote control to reach the dishes they need and raise the shelves back up with another touch of a button. Motion is smooth and stable to protect items from wobbling and falling. While commonly installed in the kitchen, these versatile shelving units can also be used for storage in offices, bathrooms, or wherever accessible, attractive storage is needed.


Businesses must offer accessible options for the disabled population – not only because of legal requirements, but because it’s the right thing to do. Additionally, as senior citizens increasingly seek to live independently for as long as possible, homes should be equipped properly to accommodate their needs, as well as the needs of all people with disabilities. To aid in this objective, LoctekMotion seeks to provide the best options in height adjustable furniture for disabled people.