Awareness of the need for sit-stand desk options is growing all the time. With height adjustable desks becoming more and more affordable, more and more people are realizing the benefits of full desks as compared to risers (also termed platforms or standing desk converters). In fact, in regions such as Europe, risers are hard to sell, as its residents generally prefer full desks. Thanks not only to its increased affordability but also to its many advantages, the full height adjustable desk has become the better option for end users.

The Many Advantages of Full Height Adjustable Desks

Full height adjustable desks offer a wide range of advantages to the end user – let’s explore each in detail:

Height Range. A full height adjustable desk can be set lower than traditional desks or desks with risers. This is important for accessibility accommodations. Additionally, it can help reduce the need for keyboard trays and footrests. The average height range of a standing desk is 22.6 to 48.7 inches, which fits nearly all potential users. Risers are not as universally accommodating, so selecting them for a large population of users may not be a simple “one size fits all” solution.

Access to All Desk Items. Generally, a standing desk converter is only large enough to accommodate the keyboard, mouse and monitor. This means that other items such as the phone, paper and pens won’t be within easy reach when in a standing position. A converter also breaks up the desk surface, limiting organization options. A full desk offers access to all work-related items when sitting and standing for better ergonomics.

Monitor Positioning. Because of the size of a riser, there is less flexibility in how monitors can be placed. Proper set-up of dual monitors recommends the primary monitor straight in front of the user and the secondary off to the side; often, this is not possible on a riser. Some riser models will force the monitors to be too close or too high. The full surface of a height adjustable desk allows for greater customization and better ergonomics for monitors to reduce neck and eye strain.

Ease of Adjustment. Some platform models are heavy or awkward to adjust, and many are manual/crank-operated. If automatic adjustment is a priority, the selection of height adjustable desks will be much greater than platforms, as desks are more likely to be electric. Additionally, many automatic standing desks offer programmable height pre-sets as an option for even simpler use.

Stability and Support. Thanks to the size, surface area and durable lifting columns of height adjustable desks, they support more weight than converters, offering greater stability and peace of mind. This stability also means that accessories such as monitor arms can be attached more safely for perfect monitor positioning.

How the Main Drawback of Full Desks Actually Proves Their Value

While height adjustable desks have overwhelming advantages as compared to standing desk converters, there is one drawback that may cause purchasers to hesitate: price. It’s true that desks are more expensive, and the replacement process might be more complicated. If an organization is working with existing stationary desks, they will have to be removed to make room for a standing desk, rather than just placing a converter on top.

However, it’s best to look at the long term implications of implementing ergonomic solutions into a workplace or school. Based on the projections from LoctekMotion durability testing, we expect our standing desks to function flawlessly for over 13 years – and we back our commitment to quality with a five year warranty for the desk frame, motor and all other mechanisms. With durable materials and proven longevity, the long term investment will almost certainly pay off in lower replacement costs and overall value to the purchasing organization.


Because of all the advantages described above, more end users are sure to be satisfied with a full standing desk than a riser. LoctekMotion recommends skipping past the common “trial” stage of a desk converter and moving right to the proven best solution for an ergonomic workspace: the height adjustable desk.