linear actuator motor

How an Actuator’s Housing Impacts its Performance

Depending on the function, load and service location of a linear actuator, the functional parts of a linear actuator may be housed in one of two types of housing; plastic or aluminum. The plastic housing is suitable for actuators that …
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The Best Lifting Column for Furniture of All Kinds

The standing desk is perhaps the best-known example of furniture that uses a lifting column, but it’s becoming increasingly common to use a lifting column for furniture of many types – and for many usage situations. Practical applications for the …
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lifting column comparison

Lifting Column for Standing Desk Appearance Options

Lifting columns are an essential standing desk mechanism — without them, a standing desk would have a very limited height range. As you may already know, linear actuators convert rotational motion into linear motion. Lifting columns go one step further. …
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Multiple Lifting Columns in a Standing Desk

Using Multiple Lifting Columns in a Standing Desk

With the versatile and easy to assemble and maintain the design of LocTekMotion standing desks, it is no wonder that we take the synchronous motion of multiple lifting columns in a standing desk seriously. With a standing desk with two …
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electric standing desk kit vs crank

Buyer’s Guide: Electric Standing Desk Kit vs. Manual Crank

The sky’s the limit these days when it comes to standing desk kits. Height-adjustable desks come in an array of configurations, with different options for functionality, color and finish, and standing desk accessories allowing a high degree of customization. One …
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collaborative media wall for school

Consider Ergonomics in the Classroom

The lack of ergonomic facilities is a well-documented problem in the workplace. More attention is being given to how to increase comfort during the workday, through height-adjustable desks and flexible workspaces. But ergonomics are still largely overlooked in the classroom. …
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