Single Motor vs. Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame

Do you know the all the differences between a single motor and a dual motor standing desk frame? At first glance, the obvious answer might be power, since two motors must be better than one. In many cases that’s accurate …
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staning desk accessories

A Comprehensive Guide to Standing Desk Accessories

Implementing a height adjustable desk is a huge step in the right direction of workplace health. But perhaps surprisingly, it can be just the beginning. Use this comprehensive, categorized list of standing desk accessories to guide end users toward their …
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lifting column comparison

Lifting Column for Standing Desk Appearance Options

Lifting columns are an essential standing desk mechanism — without them, a standing desk would have a very limited height range. As you may already know, linear actuators convert rotational motion into linear motion. Lifting columns go one step further. …
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desk surface

What’s the Best Surface for a Standing Desk?

Some standing desks come with a desktop included, while others — like the LoctekMotion standing desk kits — allow you to source your own desktop, either from the same manufacturer or from another supplier. Purchasing the desk frame and desktop …
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vs logo

Jarvis Fully Versus LoctekMotion ET205 Standing Desk

The Jarvis desk by Fully is known as one of the most popular standing desks on the market. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for everyone. The best standing desk for each prospective buyer is the one that …
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stability of standing desk frame

Is a Wider Standing Desk Frame More Stable?

Because of the notion that a wider standing desk frame is more stable than a narrower one, some end users might be tempted to only look at desks of a certain minimum width – despite their actual preferences for a …
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electric standing desk kit vs crank

Buyer’s Guide: Electric Standing Desk Kit vs. Manual Crank

The sky’s the limit these days when it comes to standing desk kits. Height-adjustable desks come in an array of configurations, with different options for functionality, color and finish, and standing desk accessories allowing a high degree of customization. One …
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How to Design a Best-Selling Standing Desk

If you’re a furniture manufacturer looking to tap into the $2.5 billion global standing desk market, you’ll need some insight into what consumers want in a standing desk so you can deliver a product they can’t help but buy. Fortunately, …
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