Linear actuators have proven life-changing in a wide range of applications, from office desks to kitchen shelves. Now, LoctekMotion is introducing yet another application for our durable, functional linear actuators: the height adjustable tripod light and speaker stand. Useful for a variety of performing arts scenarios – and beyond – our automatically adjusting equipment stand brings the benefits of ergonomics and efficiency to a whole new scope of uses.

Advantages of Linear Actuators for Performing Arts Applications

Performing arts venues, naturally, have specialized needs for audio and visual equipment. Speakers must be properly mounted at the right height for the performance, whether a single lecturer or entire orchestra.

On the visual side, PAR cans are the most commonly used lights for concerts and theater productions. These supply the well-known spotlight effect but must be placed precisely to produce the correct lighting angles.

Setting up all of these audio and visual elements involves lifting heavy equipment and often requires the work of a team of crew members. With LoctekMotion’s adjustable tripod stand, adjustment becomes exponentially easier. Risk of injury is reduced as our linear actuators do the heavy lifting. Because users can easily adjust the height of heavy equipment with a touch of a button using a remote control, almost anyone can play the role of a crew member, simplifying the pre-production process.

Features and Specifications of LoctekMotion Height Adjustable Equipment Stands

Automatic Height Adjustment: Our tripod stand, similarly to other LoctekMotion furniture options, offers easy electric height adjustment. The height of the stand can be set with just the touch of a button on a remote control.

Fold-Away Design: The stand folds up for easy, efficient storage and transportation.

Stable Tripod: A solid tripod design ensures the stability of the stand while supporting heavy – and often expensive – equipment.

Length-Adjustable Legs: A quick turn of a knob adjusts leg length to ensure lights and speakers stay level and balanced on uneven floors.

LoctekMotion is currently offering two options for tripod light and speaker stand mounting and adjustment: the ELG201 and the ELG202. Both offer smooth, stable adjustment via remote control as well as a robust weight capacity for equipment. The ELG201 specializes in lower heights, with a height adjustable range of 47.2 to 78.7 inches, and its lifting speed is 0.87 inches per second. The ELG202 is designed for higher placements, with a height adjustable range of 58.3 to 126 inches and an adjustment speed of 1.26 inches per second to help in reaching those heights quickly.

The weight capacity for both models is 110 pounds. Each stand can be used with one of three beam options, each with differing lengths and mounting methods for compatibility with a variety of equipment.

Potential Applications for Height Adjustable Tripod Light and Speaker Stands

Professional Stages. Setting up the perfect lighting and speaker configuration has never been easier! For plays, concerts, comedy acts and more, professional equipment set-ups are essential to professional performances. The LoctekMotion height adjustable tripod light and speaker stand makes the complete audio/visual set-up a breeze.

Recording Studios. Ergonomics are especially important for long days spent in the recording studio. An electronically height adjustable speaker stand allows for easy changes based on the needs of each user.

Home. Home audio studios can also benefit from ergonomic solutions. Artists working independently may not have assistance in setting up equipment, so automatically adjustable speaker stands remove the burden of struggling alone with placement.

Dance Studios. A busy dance studio with varying music and lighting needs throughout the day will surely benefit from tripod light and speaker stands that are easily adjusted via remote control for each class or rehearsal.

Conference Rooms. Corporate conference rooms can have special lighting and audio requirements for presentations and board meetings. Remote-controlled equipment stands simplify the adjustment process and saves time for busy executives.

Schools. From musicals to band concerts, school stages can also benefit from the ease of remotely adjustable equipment so busy staff can focus on tending to young performers.

Lecture Halls. Large university lecture halls often require sound amplification to reach the entire room, and depending on visual presentation needs may need specialized lighting as well – making them another potential end user of adjustable tripod equipment stands.


Let’s work together to bring our height adjustable tripod stand to any stage where it can play a helpful role…which, likely, is all of them!