LoctekMotion prides itself on providing a variety of customizable options when it comes to standing desks – with the ability to mix and match components to offer ergonomic solutions for a wide range of work environments. However, we also recognize that there are use scenarios where an all-inclusive solution makes the most sense. With that in mind, we announce the introduction of two new standing desk series designed specifically for the home office user: the ET118 and the ET119.

Advantages of an All-Inclusive Standing Desk Solution for Home Office Users

Both the ET118 and ET119 series product lines consist of full standing desks, which means the desktop is included when shipped. As we’ll explore further within the features of each, these desks are specially designed for end users seeking an ergonomic home office. All desks in the product family feature quick and easy installation. Because customers are able to select and assemble on their own, these user-friendly desks are ideal for sales through warehouse clubs such as Costco as well as e-commerce clients.

Let’s explore the strengths and specifications of each product line.

The ET118 Series

The ET118 series is an all-inclusive electric height adjustable standing desk with multiple options for desktop materials. Each desk package includes the tabletop and a solidly constructed steel frame for easy transportation and installation. The ET118 series also includes a feature somewhat rare for standing desks – a large drawer for storage. The tabletop, measuring 47.2 by 23.6 inches, offers a generous work surface.

ET118 desks include a control pad with four programmable pre-sets. This particular feature was designed with the entire family in mind, as heights can be set and stored for child and adult use. Also included on the control pad are a childproof safety lock and three charging ports (two micro USB and one USB-C).

Additional safety features include a gyroscope-based anti-collision system and a crossbar for stability. Designed for maximum structural integrity, ET118 frames feature double steel tubing that ensures stability even at the highest height. The frame’s height adjustment range is 28.3 to 47.6 inches and adjusts smoothly at 25 mm/second thanks to its powerful motor. Load capacity for the series is 110 pounds.

The two models available are the ET118, which comes with a 6mm tempered glass desktop, and the ET118W, which includes a 12mm wooden desktop.

The ET119 Series

The ET119 series consists of pre-assembled height adjustable standing desks with multiple control pad options. This next generation product family offers ultra-fast installation – less than five minutes – saving time, effort and cost for assembly labor. Each desk in the series comes complete in one package for shipping simplicity.

The ET119’s open-architecture design provides optimal leg room and a clean aesthetic for any home or office environment. The C-leg structure keeps knees and feet from bumping any part of the frame and maximizes under desk storage space for cabinets and accessories. A wooden desktop rounds out the sleek design.

Tabletop dimensions for the ET119 series are 47.2 by 23.6 inches. Load capacity is 110 pounds, and adjustment speed is 20 mm/second. The height adjustment range is 28.7 to 48.4 inches. A single motor allows for strong yet smooth adjustment.

The two models available are the ET119 and the ET119E. The ET119 offers an integrated control pad and control box which allows for four programmable height presets – perfect for sharing among family members. Additionally, a built-in anti-collision system enhances safety for those using the desk with small children or large pets nearby.

The ET119E offers a control pad with a simple two-button design for intuitive adjustment and flexibility, making it a practical choice for home or traditional office use.


Our new home office standing desk solutions are designed with the end user experience in mind. The selection of frame and control pad options provides enough customization to accommodate the average home user, but not so many that the choice becomes overwhelming. Through these product series, we strive to keep it simple for buyers, from selection to transport to installation. We hope to help to bring ergonomics into every home and allow the entire family to experience the benefits of a perfect desk fit.