The Best Lifting Column for Furniture of All Kinds

The standing desk is perhaps the best-known example of furniture that uses a lifting column, but it’s becoming increasingly common to use a lifting column for furniture of many types – and for many usage situations. Practical applications for the …
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The Surprisingly Long History of the Standing Desk

Standing desks have obviously exploded in popularity in the past decade or so. But most people might not know that they’re nothing new: many notable people recognized the benefits of standing to work decades and even centuries ago. Let’s take …
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loctekmotion control box aging test

How LoctekMotion Tests Quality of Standing Desk Frames

Quality is our number one priority at LoctekMotion. How do we guarantee every standing desk frame that leaves one of our factories is of the highest quality? We have a series of quality control measures in place to ensure consistent …
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LoctekMotion Dust-Free Workshop

A Look at the LoctekMotion Dust-Free Workshop

LoctekMotion lifting columns and desktops combine to create some of the highest quality standing desks on the market today. But have you ever thought about what gives the lifting column its lift? It all starts with our printed circuit board …
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standing consultation

Doctors May Be the Next Standing Desk Adopters

Sitting down with your doctor may soon be a thing of the past. The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in England is piloting a program that will give height-adjustable desks to a select group of physicians. A team from …
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staning desk accessories

A Comprehensive Guide to Standing Desk Accessories

Implementing a height adjustable desk is a huge step in the right direction of workplace health. But perhaps surprisingly, it can be just the beginning. Use this comprehensive, categorized list of standing desk accessories to guide end users toward their …
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lifting column comparison

Lifting Column for Standing Desk Appearance Options

Lifting columns are an essential standing desk mechanism — without them, a standing desk would have a very limited height range. As you may already know, linear actuators convert rotational motion into linear motion. Lifting columns go one step further. …
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