Buyer’s Guide: Electric Standing Desk Kit vs. Manual Crank

The sky’s the limit these days when it comes to standing desk kits. Height-adjustable desks come in an array of configurations, with different options for functionality, color and finish, and standing desk accessories allowing a high degree of customization. One …
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Why LoctekMotion’s CB Certification Increases Product Value

Without a frame of reference, the commonly-heard product accomplishment nicknamed the CB certification might not tell you much. The CB stands for “Certification Body” (or Bodies), but much more context is needed to demonstrate the significance of this particular certification. …
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Stability Test of Loctek motion Standing Desk Kit

LoctekMotion Standing Desk Stability Test Results

Early standing desk models were shaky and wobbly but technology has come a long way over the years. LoctekMotion standing desk kits rely on several design components to enhance stability. Read on to learn the results of the LoctekMotion standing …
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How to Use a Standing Desk: Tips to Share with End Users

Consumers of height adjustable desks come to distributors expecting guidance in choosing a desk that suits their budget and usage situation. Versatile desks with a wide range of height adjustment, such as the ET223 standing desk kit, are a great …
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How FCC Certification Improves LoctekMotion Product Quality

Any user of an electronic device has probably encountered the distinct FCC logo along the way – its likely position squeezed onto a label with other certifications, warnings and specifications. But most probably have never examined what the logo signifies …
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The Six Benefits of Using a Motorized TV Lift

The latest addition to LoctekMotion’s line of home and office furniture and lifting columns is a collection of motorized TV lifts. Many consumers have never examined any media solutions beyond a traditional TV wall mount or console table – but …
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LoctekMotion’s New Semi-Anechoic Room

LoctekMotion’s New Semi-Anechoic Room for Product Research

As of September 2019, LoctekMotion has completed construction on a semi-anechoic room – a specially designed chamber for product testing and research. But what makes this room so special, and how does it improve product quality? To understand the impact …
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The Future of Office Furniture is Height-Adjustable

We live in a post-cubical era in the workplace. The cubicle farms of yore have been replaced with open plan layouts, shared workspaces, and flexible work arrangements. Likewise, the rigid office furniture that lived inside those cubicles has been upgraded …
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LoctekMotion’s Holeless Lifting Column: Function Meets Form

Perhaps you’ve never thought about what makes lifting columns—for standing desks and other applications—aesthetically appealing. Many may look the same altogether on first glance. But upon closer examination, you might notice several small holes in parallel lines in certain parts …
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