A beautiful lady using height adjustable garage wall racks

Flexible Garage Storage with LoctekMotion’s Linear Actuator

Many homeowners and tenants use raised wall shelving in their garages to store seasonal items, stash boxes, and hang bicycles underneath on hooks. But traditional, stationary shelving can present health and safety problems. Fortunately, there is a better way! LoctekMotion’s …
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Hydraulic vs Pneumatic vs Electric Linear Actuator

Although it is largely true that actuators, be it a hydraulic, pneumatic or an electric linear actuator, are not universally suitable for every application, electrical linear actuators are becoming the primary choice in many applications where previously a pneumatic or …
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L-Shaped Standing Desks

Electric Motion in Height Adjustable Desks

Consumers today are accustomed to customization and convenience. We can customize our home temperature from our smartphone, tailor our social media feeds to our specific interests, order takeout from almost any restaurant at any time, and call a car to …
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What is a Linear Actuator?

A linear actuator is a mechanical device that uses mechanical energy, often in the form of a rotating crank or an electric motor, and creates motion in a straight line.  But, instead of using the circular motion of a motor …
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