Design a Modern Conference Room with Linear Actuator Technology

Changes in technology and the transition to a knowledge economy mean that the demands placed on today’s conference rooms look very different than in years past. Modern conference rooms should be able to integrate with the smart technology that companies …
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environment protection

Our Environmental Vision and Mission

Environmental protection is a major part of our culture and brand. We have always and will always continue to strive for efficient, clean, and sustainable ways to do business. The fight against pollution, deforestation, and climate change is one that …
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What is a Lifting Column?

We’re all familiar with an electric linear actuator.  An electrical linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of an electric motor into linear motion.  The big advantage of an electrical linear actuator is that it provides clean …
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Vietnam Factory LoctekMotion

Meet LoctekMotion’s Vietamese Workforce

With emphasis on globalization and forward-thinking investment, LoctekMotion has set up its Vietnamese manufacturing plant – the largest most experienced linear actuator and standing desk manufacturer in Vietnam. We have always been committed to finding the best resources on a …
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Founder’s Story

Lane’s ambition, courage, and resolve has made him a market innovator in China and around the world.   Lane Shaw was born and raised in a middle-class family that lived in a suburb of China.  As a child, he stood …
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