Meet the Robots Who Work in LoctekMotion’s Factories

LoctekMotion’s factories are powered by a dedicated team of efficient, tireless, highly precise workers. No, not highly skilled humans: welding robots. While many people think of robots as lifelike machines designed to mimic human behavior, the vast majority of robots …
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How UL Certification Enhances the Products You Sell

At LoctekMotion, we don’t just say we put safety first. We back up our claim with independent product testing and reputable third-party approvals, such as UL certification. Only products that meet UL’s stringent safety requirements get the privilege of bearing …
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How to Select the Right Lifting Column for a Desk

Electrical Linear Actuators and lifting columns are finding unique and demanding applications in office environments, across the medical field and even in logistics and farm equipment.  It is, therefore, become necessary to choose the next lifting column you invest in …
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Inside LoctekMotion’s Automated Warehouse

When picturing a warehouse, you might envision hardworking employees driving forklifts or lifting heavy product boxes on their own. But in LoctekMotion’s automated warehouse, it’s a totally different scene. Products seemingly direct themselves down conveyor belts while robotic lifts whisk …
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Linear Actuator Solutions for TV Lift Cabinets

With electric linear actuator technology, TV sets become height-adjustable and easily storable so that televisions can work for any room and any audience. TV Troubles Televisions have long since become fixtures in our homes. The average American watches between four …
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standing desk market trend

Global Standing Desk Market Set to Hit $2.8 Billion by 2025

Double-digit growth is expected for the global standing desk market between now and 2025 according to the newest forecast from Research and Markets. That’s good news for both standing desk manufacturers and consumers who want a healthier and more active …
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Archimedes’ screw

A Brief History of the Lead Screw

A screw is one of the six classical simple machines (the others being the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, and wedge). It converts rotational motion into linear motion. It’s a simple machine, but it’s one of the most …
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3 Advantages of Electric Lifting Columns

Electric lifting columns are completely integrated linear actuators with a lot of stability. Multiple lifting columns can be combined and synchronized to increase their capabilities. They come ready to install with a simple setup and easy maintenance, decreasing installation and …
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dedication of loctekmotion

Our Dedication to Quality and Craftsmanship

Once upon a time, specialty furniture and equipment were painstakingly constructed by skilled tradesmen who dedicated a lifetime to their craft. Today, in the era of mass production, instant gratification, and the pursuit of lowering costs above all else, cheap …
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6 Things You Should Know About RoHS Certification

You may have seen the RoHS compliance seal bearing the bright green check mark on some of your electrical products, or at the very least seen the certificate on our website. But, how much do you really know about the …
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