A Standout Standing Desk Kit: The LoctekMotion ET223

Perhaps you’re selecting your first standing desk, or you’ve had problems with other brands in the past and don’t want to repeat mistakes. How should you prioritize features for the best standing desk experience? How can you make sure to …
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Who Stands to Benefit From a Standing Desk?

The standing desk market is exploding. The global standing desk market stands to reach $2.8 billion by 2025. Most of this growth is driven by a paradigm shift in the workplace. Individuals are becoming more conscious of their daily habits …
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Why Choose an IB Control Box?

When you shop for a LoctekMotion control box, you’ll see we offer two options: IB and regular. You might wonder what the difference is between them, and how to choose one over the other. Compared to the standing desk itself, …
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collaborative media wall for school

Consider Ergonomics in the Classroom

The lack of ergonomic facilities is a well-documented problem in the workplace. More attention is being given to how to increase comfort during the workday, through height-adjustable desks and flexible workspaces. But ergonomics are still largely overlooked in the classroom. …
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Why BIFMA-Certified Furniture is Best for Your Business

Keeping your office workers comfortable in the workplace is one of the most important things you can do as an employer to boost employee productivity and job satisfaction. More often than not, the comfort of your employees is dependent on …
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LoctekMotion's Static-Free Electronic Workshop

A Tour of LoctekMotion’s Static-Free Electronic Workshop

Static can be built up by any number of events, from shoes shuffling along the floor to clothing brushing against skin. Electrostatic Discharge (or ESD) can wreak havoc on electronic components – perhaps you’ve already learned this fact and have …
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Why You Should Care About Ergonomics

In the last 40-50 years, the world economy has transformed. It has evolved from the post-industrial, mass production economy of the early 1900s to the knowledge economy we know today, in which desk jobs are more common than service jobs. …
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Understanding the Mechanics of a Linear Actuator

Know what makes the agile motion, the dead accurate stop and the “always on the go” magic of an electric linear actuator Most of us know how a linear actuator works. The ability to convert a rotating motor’s energy into …
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lifting columns improve qheelchair accessibility

How Lifting Columns Improve Wheelchair Accessibility

Navigating your home or office space in a wheelchair can be challenging. Doorways are too narrow, tables are too low to accommodate your chair, and cabinets are often out of reach. These challenges can be a frustrating part of daily …
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market trend

Trending Upward: 6 Reasons Standing Desk Sales Are Rising

In one of our recent posts, we reported that the global standing desk market is expected to grow by double digits over the next six years — generating an estimated $2.8 billion in revenue for standing desk manufacturers. But, what …
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