Height adjustable collaborative media wall

A Better Alternative to the Standing Conference Table

The standing conference table is one of the latest trends in office furniture, evoking images of young professionals in an open office space, gathered around the table to collaborate but ready to run to the next meeting at a moment’s …
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Importance of Reminder Systems for Sit-Stand Desks

To benefit from a sit-stand desk, it’s not enough just to own one — it needs to be used consistently and effectively. Many sit-stand desk users don’t get as much benefit out of their height-adjustable desk as they could because …
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electric standing desk kit vs crank

Buyer’s Guide: Electric Standing Desk Kit vs. Manual Crank

The sky’s the limit these days when it comes to standing desk kits. Height-adjustable desks come in an array of configurations, with different options for functionality, color and finish, and standing desk accessories allowing a high degree of customization. One …
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Stability Test of Loctek motion Standing Desk Kit

LoctekMotion Standing Desk Stability Test Results

Early standing desk models were shaky and wobbly but technology has come a long way over the years. LoctekMotion standing desk kits rely on several design components to enhance stability. Read on to learn the results of the LoctekMotion standing …
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Why LoctekMotion’s CB Certification Increases Product Value

Without a frame of reference, the commonly-heard product accomplishment nicknamed the CB certification might not tell you much. The CB stands for “Certification Body” (or Bodies), but much more context is needed to demonstrate the significance of this particular certification. …
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