Four Healthcare Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

As we anticipate the turn of the calendar from 2019 to 2020, it’s a good time to think about where the healthcare industry is heading and why. How will the online experience evolve to serve healthcare needs? Which groups of …
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linear actuator motor

How an Actuator’s Housing Impacts its Performance

Depending on the function, load and service location of a linear actuator, the functional parts of a linear actuator may be housed in one of two types of housing; plastic or aluminum. The plastic housing is suitable for actuators that …
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How Does ISO Certification Improve Product Quality?

ISO is a well-known product certification by name, but it can refer to a wide range of standards for products, services and systems worldwide…over 22,000 of them, in fact! Today we’ll specifically examine ISO 9001, which sets criteria for an …
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business cooperation

How to Select Lifting Column Manufacturers

Along with the goal of providing safe and ergonomic solutions for a variety of home and office scenarios, lifting column distributors of course seek to increase their revenue as well. For any industry, the following equation applies: Revenue = (Price-Cost)*Quantity*Time. …
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The Best Lifting Column for Furniture of All Kinds

The standing desk is perhaps the best-known example of furniture that uses a lifting column, but it’s becoming increasingly common to use a lifting column for furniture of many types – and for many usage situations. Practical applications for the …
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The Surprisingly Long History of the Standing Desk

Standing desks have obviously exploded in popularity in the past decade or so. But most people might not know that they’re nothing new: many notable people recognized the benefits of standing to work decades and even centuries ago. Let’s take …
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