LoctekMotion Employs Gyroscope to Enhance Standing Desk Safety

Gyroscopes have allowed many modern-day gadgets to achieve impressive feats. They appear to defy the laws of physics, however, gyroscopes serve as perfect examples of several laws of Physics and play important roles in some of technology’s biggest breakthroughs. Often …
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A Look at LoctekMotion’s Advanced Production Equipment: Laser Welding Robots

Being at the forefront of height adjustable furniture technology requires awareness and implementation of the most cutting-edge manufacturing methods and equipment. Demonstrating further commitment to efficiency and quality, instead of traditional gas shielded welding, LoctekMotion uses more advanced laser welding …
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The Best Height Adjustable Furniture for Disabled People

In recent years there’s been increased awareness of the needs of those with disabilities – whether mobility related, hearing or sight impairments. Homes and especially businesses should be equipped and prepared to serve anyone needing handicap accessibility. We at LoctekMotion …
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