Meet LoctekMotion at Prolight & Sound 2020 in Frankfurt

LoctekMotion will showcase our line of height adjustable tripod light and speaker stands, as well as our motorized TV lift cart and height adjustable desks, at Prolight + Sound 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany. Billed as “The Global Entertainment Technology Show for …
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The Health Hazards of Too Much Standing

We’ve all heard it: “Sitting is the new smoking!” Countless articles have warned against the health risks posed by sitting all day, from short-term neck and upper back pain to chronic cardiovascular issues. Public awareness of these risks has led …
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Single Motor vs. Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame

Do you know the all the differences between a single motor and a dual motor standing desk frame? At first glance, the obvious answer might be power, since two motors must be better than one. In many cases that’s accurate …
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