The beginningsOur Story

LoctekMotion founder and CEO Lane Shaw had suffered from lower back pain for years. He was researching techniques to relieve chronic back pain when he discovered manual height-adjustable desks. These desks, he learned, could transition from sitting to standing as needed. Eager to try anything that would make a difference for his pain, Lane bought one. He found that having control over the ergonomics of his workstation effectively relieved his back pain.


Lane had only one issue with his new height-adjustable desk: the manual crank was too slow and cumbersome. He wanted a sit-stand desk that didn’t require as much effort to adjust the settings, so he decided to design a solution himself. Lane established LoctekMotion and began to manufacture electric standing desks that automatically transition from sitting to standing position at the touch of a button.


As part of the height-adjustable desk design, Lane created lifting columns that facilitated the smooth, stable lifting motion. He quickly realized the lifting columns would also be useful for garage storage shelves, kitchen cabinets and more. Seniors, people with disabilities, and people with back pain (like Lane himself) often struggle to reach heavy things stored in high places. If shelves were height-adjustable, he realized, they would be more accessible.


Today, LoctekMotion products are used around the world in a variety of applications to make daily environments more accessible and ergonomic for everyone.

The bestCompany History


Company Established

Our company was established in 1997 as Ningbo Lijing Electronics Co., Ltd.

First Manufacturing Facility

We open our first manufacturing facility in Jiangshan Ningbo, China. The 19,000 square-meter space still operates today.

Second Manufacturing Facility

Our second manufacturing facility opens in Binhai Ningbo, China. The facility is 66,000 square meters and staffs over 1,600 employees.

First CNC Mould Center

We open a 5,000 square-meter CNC mould center.

First U.S. Warehouse

We reach the milestone of opening our first United States warehouse in California. We keep stock of our popular models and spare parts in US in order to provide better service to clients.

LoctekMotion Established

Zhejiang Loctek Intelligent Motion Technology Co., Ltd was established. This new iteration of our company specializes in linear actuators and lifting column systems.

First Electric Standing Desk

We design and launch our first electric height-adjustable desk, the ET101 model.

Third Manufacturing Facility

We open a third manufacturing facility. This one is 30,000 square meters and located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Loctek Ergonomic is Publicly Listed

Our parent company, Loctek Ergonomic, goes public in China.

First Garage Storage Lift Systems

We launch our first intelligent actuator systems for garages, including wall shelves and height-adjustable workbenches.

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