When it comes to lifting column technology, many people relegate it to sit-stand desks. However, this technology can create unique solutions in every room in your home. Here are some of the ways LoctekMotion lifting columns can be used to offer your customers unique solutions to transform their living space.

What Is a Lifting Column?

Without getting into the technical explanation, a lifting column is essentially a linear actuator that provides a longer stroke in multiple stages. So while they look compact, they can actually extend longer while remaining sturdy. A lifting column is what makes sit-stand desks a reality.

Home Solutions Provided By Lifting Columns

By using lifting columns in different ways, several unique solutions can be created for the home. This can improve convenience and efficiency for your customers.

Home Office and Study

Standing desks, or sit-stand desks, are perhaps the most common use of lifting column technology. This provides an ergonomic solution for users, helping reduce the health impact of a sedentary lifestyle. LoctekMotion offers a wide variety of standing desks so there is a solution for every type of user.


For a simple solution, a single motor height adjustable standing desk frame (ET114E-N) is ideal. Not only is it economical, it is also more stable than other standing desks on the market. The lifting columns offer smooth height adjustment with three programmable memory presets and a reminder to switch positions.


On the other hand, EHD101 offers a full desk in one package complete with a storage drawer. Installation is super easy with this model since everything is in one box. EHD101 offers four programmable memory presets, two Type-A and one Type-C ports, and also comes with an enhanced anti-collision feature. This is a great solution for full-time work from home.

loctekmotion studyBedroom

LoctekMotion also offers unique solutions for the bedroom as well. Many times when it comes to ergonomic work setups, adults are the center of focus. However, it is just as important for children to have desks that properly fit them as well. As quickly as they grow this can seem like an impossible task. LoctekMotion’s CD201 is a sit-stand desk that adjusts with children as they grow and move. It also offers a multifunctional area for children to write or read on. It also has a divided desktop that can be tilt adjusted for the most relaxed position. It is especially designed to also keep children’s fingers from getting pinched when adjusting their desk. Plus, CD201 also offers a storage drawer for their writing and drawing utensils. There is also an optional shelf and book holder (CD201-B30) that can be added to the desk.

loctekmotion bedroomLoctekMotion also offers solutions for the adult’s bedroom too. A bedroom is supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation. Having a TV screen taking up an entire wall can quickly change the bedroom from relaxing to just another room. This is where LoctekMotion’s MTS101 TV Cabinet Lifting System is helpful. This system uses lifting columns to hide the TV away when it is not in use. But, when it’s a night that calls for a movie in bed, the TV can easily be lifted and enjoyed with the electric motor attached to the lifting system. MTS101 also comes with an anti-collision system to prevent any incidents during movement. The best part is that it comes with a bluetooth remote control so the TV can be lifted without even having to leave the bed.


Another option for using lifting column technology in the bedroom is the electric height adjustable standing desk (EHD102) from LoctekMotion. This desk offers dual storage drawers and can be used as a study table, workstation, virtual learning desk, or a vanity in your bedroom. Like other standing desks from LoctekMotion it has quick, easy installation and an anti-collision system (EHD102 only) to prevent any damage when adjusting height. It also comes with four programmable memory presets, two Type-A and one Type-C ports for charging your devices. This could be a unique solution for your customers that are looking for that extra bit of functionality out of their space.

loctekmotion bedroomLiving Rooms

Help your customers get the warm and cozy atmosphere in their homes with LoctekMotion’s electric fireplace TV stand (EFS102S/EFS102M). This unique stand is the perfect cross between a nostalgic and industrial look. The center of the stand features an 18” electric fireplace that has a realistic flame effect that can operate with or without heat (heating up to 400 sqft) and adjustable flame brightness. This fireplace is flanked on both sides by open shelves for your entertainment and gaming systems. The stand also features a height adjustable column with bluetooth-controlled movement and an anti-collision system. So whether you’re lounging and watching a movie or standing and playing an immersive game, your TV is at the perfect height. EFS102S can hold TVs up to 50” while EFS102M holds a TV up to 65”.

loctekmotion living roomGarage

LoctekMotion’s adjustable workbenches are the perfect addition to any garage. Now it doesn’t matter whether a project requires sitting or standing, the workbench adjusts to whichever is needed. LoctekMotion offers this workbench in both crank (WB102) and electric (WB101) adjustable height. Both versions can be combined with a number of different accessories including a pegboard (B11) and drawer (B12). The electric workbench can be easily adjusted using the two-button remote. Having a workbench at the proper height can mean more productivity and a better end result. These workbenches can also be height adjusted to maximize the storage space under the workbench to keep work spaces neat and tidy.

loctekmotion garageKitchen

Lifting columns can also be especially helpful in the kitchen. LoctekMotion offers a few different options to help consumers get the most of this technology in their kitchen and dining room. One option is a height adjustable dining table (ETP225(IB)). This four-legged table easily adjusts with an electric motor, helping you get the perfect height dining table regardless of the chairs or benches you are using. This frame comes in a white powder coating with a pale wood tabletop, making it the perfect table for shabby chic kitchens and dining rooms.


LoctekMotion’s lifting columns also help solve one of the biggest pain points in kitchens—hard to reach cabinets. This single motor system helps consumers access the items stored in hard to reach cabinets (up to 88lbs). With the lifting cabinet (EK202) the lifting column adjusts downwards, helping make upper cabinets accessible for all users. This system can also be helpful for those users that find themselves wheelchair bound. By having greater access to upper cabinets, kitchen functionality is maximized and consumers can get more out of their space.

loctekmotion kitchenGive Customers the Convenience They Want

Ultimately, consumers want high quality solutions that improve the functionality of their space. With these unique solutions from LoctekMotion you can give your customers exactly what they are seeking. When you sell LoctekMotion products you can be assured that your customers are getting high quality products and that your brand image will be preserved. Contact our sales team today to discuss how we can help you get the solutions your customers need.

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