In the past, in enterprises, governments, colleges of higher education and other institutions, people usually used blackboards in the meeting room. However, under the influence of technological changes and the Covid-19 pandemic, screens play a more and more important role as a tool for communication. Collaborative media walls are gradually becoming an integral component of conference halls and meeting rooms.

However, people can not use traditional TV stands as the innovative lifting columns, which make it possible to adjust large displays and screens. The advanced solution allows organizations to interact more efficiently during meetings with an optimal visual experience. When it comes to column solutions, LoctekMotion is the industry leader which designs, manufactures, and sells innovative solutions to put media in motion. The sturdy smart motorized TV lifting system allows TV stands to adjust the height, move the stand according to ergonomic requirements.

Before delving into the details of LoctekMotion’s smart motorized TV lifting system and its advantages, let’s figure out why a traditional TV lift is not an ideal solution. Running a business is not less than a challenge; it is important to strike a balance between the form and function with all the necessities to run the operations.

Disadvantages of the traditional TV lift


1.Taking up space

Traditional TV stands require more space comparing with TV lifting system. This means that the traditional TV stand will take enough space to prevent the addition of other gadgets to beautify the room.

2.Height adjustment issues

Traditional TV stands usually do not offer height adjustment features. Thus, it becomes difficult to achieve an optimal visual experience. Instead, using a TV with traditional TV stands in a long time can cause neck pain, back pain, and health issues. Thus, traditional TV stands do not offer any ergonomic versatility.

What can TV lifting system bring to users?


Motorized TV lifts are changing the dynamics of collaborative media solutions. The TV sets, screens, or large displays will no longer remain stationary. The series of the motorized TV lifting system that will transform any conference room into a flexible workspace include:

1.Table top stand

This stand rests on the top of the existing furniture, thereby enabling to adjust the height of the TV for different applications.

2.Floor stand

The motorized TV floor stand is ideal for optimal visual experience in both office and home. Customer can adjust the height according to the ergonomic requirements.

3.TV Cart

It is another flexible media solution for both homes and offices; customer can wheel the motorized TV cart to different meeting rooms in the office settings. Thus, it can eliminate the need to invest in multiple stationary screens.

The best feature of a motorized TV cart is that users can adjust its height not only with Bluetooth remote control but also through a mobile device app.

Why select LoctekMotion’s smart motorized TV lifting system?


With LoctekMotion’s wide range of the motorized TV lifting system, people can revolutionize their meeting rooms, making their sessions more interactive. Besides, the collaborative media wall allows projecting smartphone, computer, or tablet onto the portable, height-adjustable media stand. Also, the reasons for choosing LoctekMotion’s smart motorized TV lifting system are below:

1.Customization options

LoctekMotion offers a height-adjustable furniture frame with a variety of appearance and configuration options to meet a wide range of customer needs. Among the many practical and aesthetic choices, LoctekMotion provide:

-Different height adjustment ranges, speeds and load capacities

-A choice of lifting columns shape options (rectangle, square, round and ellipse)

-Conventional or quick installation methods

-Workstation set-up options (single, dual- or multi-station)

2.Anti-collision technology

Safety is critical when automatically adjusting a standing desk. If the motor in smart motorized lifting system detects any force in the opposite direction of its movement – and if the force exceeds a certain amount – the system will automatically stop and reverse, minimizing any potential damage or injury.

3.Whisper-quiet design

LoctekMotion’s research and development team has successfully reduced the noise produced by our electric lifting column’s telescopic tube and interior mechanism to nearly zero, so the only sound made while adjusting comes from the electric motor – which operates below 50 decibels. This whisper-quiet level leads the industry in noise reduction.

4.High quality & safety standards

Each batch of LoctekMotion’s products goes through rigorous quality testing before shipment. This includes tests for durability, stability, control box ageing and function, load, high and low-temperature operation, control panel waterproofing and noise level. Additionally, LoctekMotion has achieved international certifications including CB, CE, ISO, UL and many more.

5.Five-year warranty

Further demonstrating our commitment to product quality, each LoctekMotion purchase includes a five-year warranty for the furniture frame as well as the motor, controller, switch, electronics and other mechanisms.





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