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Create A Learning-Friendly Home Study Space for Your Kids

Remote learning is still a necessary alternative to in-person classes while the pandemic rages on. Even in “normal times”, it is important for parents to create a learning-friendly home study space that works for the students and is responsive to their needs.

According to Julia Niego, a certified educational therapist and a consultant at Organizational Tutors, Fashioning a dedicated not only help a kid focus on schoolwork, but also help them “feel prepared for what’s coming down the pipeline” — like the possibility of lots more time spent learning remotely. Dr. Lee Scott, chair of the Educational Advisory Board with The Goddard School, explains that a dedicated learning space “will help children focus when they are using the space and use other areas in the home for media time, play time, and so on.”

At the center of any workspace is of course a desk. Before buying a desk for  kids, parents and caretakers should consider the age and development of the child, and the work they’re going to be doing in this space.

1. A desk accompanies students from preschoolers to teenagers.

LoctekMotion’s Height Adjustable Study Desk CD201 can electrically adjust height between 550mm and 890mm (21.7”-35”), which meets the height changes of children from kindergarten to adolescence. More importantly, it flexibly adapt to the needs of the moment, and help children keep active behaviours and correct postures.

2.The desk offers a multifunctional area on which to write, read and paint.

A good study desk is also inspiring. The desktop of LoctekMotion’s study can be adjusted at various angles to the most relaxed position for children’s activities, encouraging them to write, read and paint. Anti-pinch design ensure that kids’ hands will not be squeezed and hurt when tilting the desktop.

3.A suitable desk can neatly store things what children need.

CD201 is designed to help organize kids’ space and keep their room clutter-free by equipped with storage drawer, shelf and bag hook. A younger student will likely be focused on places to store crayons, markers, and some toys, while an older child will need a surface area for laptops. The study desk could meet all the needs as they grow up.

If you are interested in the height adjustable study desk, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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