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Create An Ergonomic Area For Your Workshop

Will you feel tired working on your workbench for a long time? Do you want to change to a more ergonomic work table? Research suggests that there are health benefits to alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day because it both decreases body discomfort and increases blood flow. LoctekMotion’s adjustable work bench table gives people a perfect choice. It not only reduce eye and back strain and boost productivity through its ergonomic design, but has excellent quality and favorable price.

This workbench has plenty of uses around workshop, garage, hobby room or office. Its allows users to have the flexibility to adjust height from 29.5” to 43.5” (750-1100mm). The height adjustment methods can be freely selected, using electricity or crank. Moreover, the desk can also be equipped with casters to move easily.

The special design of the work table provides great space for storage. Drawer and pegboard make users easily attach screw spike, vise grips or cl-Amps while working on a project. They can also install a rolling cabinets under the workbench to further organize their work space.

Since it is designed to be used in a garage or workshop, the 47-inch tabletop is made of solid wood and is very durable. The rest of the frame is equally sturdy, with square metal legs that are reinforced with a bottom crossbeam that can be situated across the back to allow a chair to slide in. Therefore, solid hardwood top and heavy-duty steel frame make it a stable workbench. It can support up to 500lbs (230kg), which is far more than most standing desk on the market.

As useful as all of those features are, it also has an impressively modern and simple appearance. LoctekMotion provides three color options for frame: white, black and gray. They pair with the wood top to give the desk a modern aesthetic. Thus, it can easily match the decoration of rooms and garages.

Do you interest in LoctekMotion’s adjustable workbench? It will lead to both improved productivity and an increase in the consistency and the quality of the end product. Come to fill the contact form if you want to know more information of it.

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