Global Standing Desk Market Set to Hit $2.8 Billion by 2025

standing desk market trend

Double-digit growth is expected for the global standing desk market between now and 2025 according to the newest forecast from Research and Markets. That’s good news for both standing desk manufacturers and consumers who want a healthier and more active working experience. 

Electric Standing Desks Lead the Way

While mechanically adjustable desks have been the most popular category of standing desks to date, analysts expect that electric standing desks and converter models will experience the most growth over the next five years. 

Some of the factors that make electric standing desks a more attractive option for consumers include:

  • Ability to go from sitting to standing in 10 seconds or less
  • No force required to lift and lower the desk
  • More precision in achieving the perfect height
  • Friendly reminders to switch positions
  • Smart integration with fitness apps and IoT devices 

Key Market Competitors

In response to the growing demand for standing desks, more and more furniture manufacturers are expanding into the ergonomic desk space. Companies that currently have the largest market share in the standing desk category include: 

  1. SquareGrove LLC
  2. AFC Industries, Inc.
  3. Ergotron, Inc. (Nortek, Inc.)
  4., Inc.
  5. Workrite Ergonomics, Inc.
  6. UpDesk
  7. Humanscale
  8. Steelcase, Inc.
  9. NextDesk, Inc.
  10. IKEA

Staying Competitive with the Market Leaders

Although they didn’t make Research and Markets’ top 10 list, many regional and small market standing desk manufacturers are giving larger companies a run for their money by offering consumers more custom design options and more affordable pricing.

That means new players in the market can gain significant market share by sourcing the highest quality components at the most economical price.

The LoctekMotion Advantage

LoctekMotion gives many standing desk manufacturers a huge advantage in this regard. As one of the leading lifting column suppliers in the world, the company provides high-tech lifting columns at the most competitive prices on the market. Standing desk manufacturers that incorporate LoctekMotion lifting columns into their desk designs not only report high product sales on Amazon and other online retail sites, their standing desks repeatedly earn consumer awards for safety and design.

To explore the company’s wide selection of lifting columns and other high-tech standing desk components, visit the Products section of the website or contact us directly.

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