Navigating your home or office space in a wheelchair can be challenging. Doorways are too narrow, tables are too low to accommodate your chair, and cabinets are often out of reach. These challenges can be a frustrating part of daily life for people who use wheelchairs, but they shouldn’t be. 

In recent decades, many countries around the world have passed accessibility legislation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 in the United States. Accessibility laws require businesses and workplaces to make accommodations for people using wheelchairs (and living with other disabilities), allowing them equal and easy access to these spaces.

We’ve come a long way in accessible construction and design, but we believe there is still more progress to be made. At LoctekMotion, we aim to create products that make life easier for people at work and at home. 

These are some of our products that can be used to make home and office spaces more wheelchair accessible:

Height-Adjustable Desk

Wheelchairs often sit lower than typical desk chairs, which can throw off the ergonomic alignment between an office desk and the user. This makes it uncomfortable for people who use a wheelchair to sit at a standard desk. A height-adjustable desk solves the problem by offering variable height settings. Each user can customize the height of the desk to their own needs.

For wheelchair users, we recommend a height-adjustable desk with three-stage lifting columns because they offer a wider height adjustment range than a two-stage model. This allows the user to set the desk to an even lower height, better fitting a wheelchair. 

Kitchen Cabinet Lift

Reaching cabinets and shelving can often be impossible when you use a wheelchair. Very few shelving units are built close enough to the ground to be accessible to wheelchair users. And when cabinets are built too high, the uppermost shelves become all but useless for anyone.

LoctekMotion provides motorized wall lifts for kitchen cabinets that allow you to raise and lower shelves at the touch of a button, using a remote control. Our lifting columns provide smooth and stable motion, keeping fragile dishware safe from possible damage. You can store your finest dishes safely on the highest shelf but still reach them with ease whenever you need them.

Garage Storage Rack

Garage shelving design typically prioritizes space-saving over accessibility. Shelves are stacked nearly to the ceiling to maximize storage, but the uppermost shelves can only be reached with a ladder. Not only can it be dangerous to carry heavy items down on a precarious ladder, but millions of people don’t have the option of climbing up a ladder at all.

LoctekMotion provides a smart solution for garage storage that makes shelving accessible for all — even the top shelf. With our lifting column technology, we designed garage storage racks that can be raised or lowered with a remote control. Our shelves hold up to 330 pounds and have an adjustment range of two feet. Height-adjustable storage systems are safer and simpler for everyone to use. Get started with a storage lift kit.

Continually Improving Accessibility Design

Our research and development teams are always working to develop smarter and more streamlined storage solutions for home and the workplace. We hope to continue improving our technology to enhance wheelchair accessibility and make life a little easier for everyone.

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