Along with the goal of providing safe and ergonomic solutions for a variety of home and office scenarios, lifting column distributors of course seek to increase their revenue as well. For any industry, the following equation applies: Revenue = (Price-Cost)*Quantity*Time. So how can distributors specifically apply this formula to the selection of lifting column manufacturers? Below we will break down what to look for in each of the four variables – price, cost, quantity and time – as well as some of the less measurable attributes that comprise a quality, revenue-producing manufacturer.

Price, Cost, Quantity and Time: Explanations and Examples

If lifting column vendors want to boost revenue, they can divide this goal into the components referenced in the above equation: increase price, lower cost, build their buyer count and sustain business over time. Let’s examine what each of these steps entails in the lifting column market:

Price. Distributors should evaluate to what degree lifting column manufacturers are competitive with their products. Customers are willing to pay more for quality products that offer features which aren’t available everywhere. What does each manufacturer offer that stands out as unique from the others? For example, LoctekMotion lifting columns incorporate our breakthrough collision-free technology, which detects obstacles while in motion and automatically stops to prevent collisions.

Cost. Consider all the variables that determine whether manufacturers can offer a reasonable price. Aside from the obvious starting point of the product cost itself, many other factors impact the total cost to distributors: shipping cost (including how much product one carton can contain), taxes, defective percentage and product reliability (frequency of repairs and returns). LoctekMotion endeavors to provide customers with a competitive price. Our automated facilities save on manufacturing costs, and our factory’s location in Vietnam helps U.S. clients save on tax costs.

Quantity. Look carefully at the types of lifting columns offered by manufacturers. Will they increase demand, boost business and raise sales numbers? LoctekMotion offers options to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including:

-Two- and three-stage columns

-Square, rectangular and round column shapes

-Traditional and upside down telescopic design

-Holeless for aesthetic appeal

-Multiple color choices

All of our lifting columns offer industry-leading adjustment speed, a quiet motor and sturdy steel construction.

Time. Lifting column distributors should choose a manufacturer that’s reliable, offering durable and stable products. Columns that work well and stand the test of time generally translate to a company that will also stand the test of time. LoctekMotion products have fared extremely well in tests for durability and stability, and our five-year warranty demonstrates our commitment to product quality over time. Additionally, our cutting-edge research and development facilities ensure that our products will always be at the forefront of lifting column technology.

Additional Factors Influencing Manufacturer Choice

Of course, the revenue equation introduced above does not exist in a vacuum. If several lifting column manufacturers rate similarly using the variables above, how else can a distributor make a decision? It may come down to factors that are less able to be measured, but with industry experience, vendors will know the right fit. How is the manufacturer’s customer service? Do they give the impression that they value their distributors? Will they go above and beyond to provide additional service when needed? As just one example, LoctekMotion is happy to offer our clients any promotional materials they may need, such as brochures and product manuals, in order to ensure the proper fit all around. We aim to not just sell products, but provide solutions that solve everyday problems in people’s lives.


Selecting lifting column manufacturers may seem overwhelming at the start, but it’s worth the time and effort to investigate and evaluate. When broken down into simple steps, the answer to the equation will become clear when all the variables are put together. Choose a vendor that adds up, and start providing quality solutions to end users while boosting revenue – a win all around!

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