The growing focus on workplace ergonomics has led to advent of adjustable furniture that allows the user to customize it as per his or her comfort. This is especially crucial given that people spend a major part of their day at their workplace. Ergonomic furniture designed for individual comfort is the way to ensuring that employees are at their optimal.

Given the importance of desks especially in workplace dynamics, desk designs are constantly evolving, wellbeing of employees being at the core. From sustainable materials to sustainable designs like height adjustable standing desks, there’s a lot to watch out for.

The USP of LoctekMotion furniture is our flexible designs. All their furniture can be adjusted to suit the height of users, allowing for optimal ergonomics. All our designs conform to the latest trend including, integrating lifting capacity and durability to deliver increased productivity, optimal ergonomics, and happier employees.

The Latest Trends in Desk Design

Alternative Materials

Long gone are the days when only wood was used to create sturdy and durable furniture. The latest trend involves the use of environment friendly materials are functional, dynamic, and comfortable with negligible eco-impact while also maintaining aesthetics.

LoctekMotion is dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials to ensure we leave the least carbon footprint. Bamboo, which is both sturdy and versatile, is a great option to consider. Its durability and fast growth rate make it a great eco-friendly choice for your ergonomic furniture.

Movable Furniture

More and more office spaces are moving to moveable furniture especially adjustable standing desks especially because of their design and functionality. Movable desk systems enable flexibility. You can update modular items frequently to include technology constituents or you could just reconfigure the system if you require a break room.

Another benefit of including movable furniture is to enhance employee productivity. LoctekMotion designs boost engagement and innovation in your office space, resulting in a considerable increase in morale and productivity.

Multifunctional Furniture

The office environment is fast-paced and dynamic. In a setting characterized by activity and busyness, multifunctional furnitures are the ideal way to save money and space. Interior decorators who aren’t willing to sacrifice elegance and beauty for functionality will find our furniture appealing. More and more wholesalers and distributors of office furniture are now stocking adjustable and multifunctional furniture to keep up with latest trends.

Incorporation of Ergonomics through Height-adjustable Standing Desks

This desk trend integrates functional and practical benefits by allowing users to adjust the height at which desks stand, for instance, if the user is taller than normal, or wants to work in a standing position instead of sitting in a chair.

A height-modifiable standing desk allows you to rotate between standing and sitting through the workday; this is essential for your health and comfort. These desks offer enhanced flexibility and have versatile applications.

In offices, it allows employees to be active and maintain peak performance through effortless transitions between standing and sitting during the day.

In a child’s study, it can be adjusted to suit the needs of the child as he or she grows. In other words, adjustable desks can keep up with growing kids, reducing the need for investing in new furniture.

The Benefits of Adjustable Standing Desks

LoctekMotion lifting columns for standing desks offer numerous benefits especially when integrated in offices, homes and industrial or technical workstations. Read on to know more.

Enhanced Work Flexibility

While the use of lifting columns for standing desks is yet to catch on, this engineering design permits work flexibility, allowing you to sit or stand at work as per your convenience.

Customized for Comfort

Standard “one size fits all” desks do not necessarily accommodate the requirements for a diverse group of manpower, resulting in organizational drags. Adjustable standing desks give users the option of choosing a position that is best suited to their body.

Increases Productivity

Employees perform at their peak when they are comfortable in all aspect. Various factors like a too high or too short desk, insufficient leg space, uncomfortable placements of keyboards and monitors all affect their comfort and in turn their productivity. Adjustable desks allow users to choose a working position best suited to their bodies.

Encourages Movement

Studies state that for every hour you spend seated at your desk you need to get up and move about for at least five minutes. This reduces fatigue and improves concentration and work performance. While many employees may not have that flexibility, an adjustable desk helps to break monotony of a fixed posture without having to move away from your workstation.

Reduces the Risk of Injuries
Taking necessary steps to fit workstations to suit individual needs can go a long way in reducing work related stress. Studies show that alternating between sitting and standing reduce these risks even further by mitigating health and wellness issues arising out of long and static postures or positions.

Why You Need to Include Standing Desks in Your Product Portfolio

Height-adjustable desks are increasingly becoming popular in the workplace because of the associated benefits. Ergonomists propose that employees stand for 20% of their working day.

Investing in adjustable desks is a proactive measure towards decreasing employee injuries and discomfort. In numerous circumstances, enhanced productivity together with the savings on employees’ compensation costs alone are sufficient to counteract the investment in adjustable-height desks. Workstations featuring ergonomic designs might also eliminate or decrease sources of work-associated stress.


Today’s workplace approach revolves around movement. Therefore, the latest trends in desk designs address this dynamic workplace prerequisite.

With the ever-changing work environment, office spaces are adopting new trends to accommodate the needs of their employees with a focus on their health and productivity.

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