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No matter in which industry, collaborative work is inevitable. Direct communication can improve work efficiency and make the relationship between colleagues more harmonious. Whether it’s a two-person independent group, a three-person cooperative group, a four-person team work, or meeting needs, Loctekmotion can find a perfect solution for every situation. ET223T height adjustable desk can not only provide a larger working surface, but also build a better cooperation space, which is 100% worth to be introduced.

LoctekMotion ET223T height adjustable desk frame has 3 legs, allowing the frame to be switched among L-shape, V-shape and I-shape to suit consumers’ preference. Not only can it meet the cooperation environment settings of multiple people, but also can meet the special angles in the home office environment. ET223T is able to form 3 angles to fit the corners and effectively use the space. Three different shapes require corresponding table board sizes.

In order to prevent users from accidental injury, this ET223T frame has a built-in sensor anti-pinch function, and anti-collision function as well. The desk will automatically reverse to prevent itself from encountering any unexpected obstacle, so whether if there is a kid who accidentally hides under the desk or a cabinet placed under the table for storage, no damage will be caused.

This sturdy, firm and durable frame is available in black, white and gray to match different materials and styles of tabletops with hole-free design columns, so that the whole desk can fit the office environment of diverse decoration styles. ET223T’s default control panel is a seven-button handset with a digital display showing the current height of the desk. The “up” and “down” keys are used to easily adjust the height of the desk. The three position memory keys can save the three heights that users use most often, and there is also a time reminder function.


Of course, users can also unlock many optional features. With dual DC33V output, USB charging function and even wireless charging function can be combined with ET223T to achieve a better work conditions. There are double RJ45 interfaces enable the desk to be operated via Bluetooth. Please note that mobile phone remote is also an optional function.

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