This year’s Black Friday weekend is bound to look different given the current state of the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a response to the pandemic and the need for social distancing, many retailers are opting to spread out their promotions over several weeks worth of sales, making the retail landscape even more competitive in Q4. While it is anticipated that sales figures will be lower than last year, an important forecasted trend is that consumers will be looking for deals on specific items they need. With many workers in no rush to get back to the office, there’s tremendous opportunity to stand out from the crowd this holiday shopping season by offering your customers unique, ergonomic standing desk kits that can improve their lives in today’s new normal.

Traditional Desk with Adjustable Height

The pandemic has caused a surge in demand for standing desks amongst work-from-home employees who are creating new workstations and offices in their homes. Many consumers want the benefits of a regular desk but don’t want to sit all day. Loctekmotion’s EHD101 is the perfect balance between traditional and ergonomics. This style offers a wooden desktop and drawers with metal pulls, going well in homes with traditional decor.

loctekmotion height adjustable desk EHD101

Sleek and Simple Height Adjustable Desks

If your customers are looking for a height adjustable desk to fit into their light, airy space, the Loctekmotion EHD102 is an ideal choice. Unlike the EHD101, the EHD102 is a bright ergonomic desk featuring a light wood desktop, white frame, and drawers. This model works well in spaces that are minimalistic or spaces that are Scandinavian-inspired.

loctekmotion standing desk EHD102

Basic Sit Stand Desks

For your customers that want a simple desk that can easily adjust to the height they need when they need it, there are several different Loctekmotion models that fit the bill. Many of these models simply offer different desktop materials and different colors of frames, but all feature Loctekmotion’s superior lift column technology. These standing desk kits include the ET114E-N and ET118 , the ET202 with a white frame and light colored wood desktop, the ET123(IB) with a gray frame and dark colored wood desktop, ET114-N that features a black frame and cedar-toned wood desktop, and the ET114G with a black frame and light colored wood desktop.

loctekmotion standing desk ET114E-ZX02

Stylish Kids Standing Desks

While parents work from home, children are finding themselves stuck at home attending virtual school. While ergonomics is important for adults, it’s even more important for children. Children need to make sure they have the proper positioning. However, because they grow so quickly, it is essential that their desk adjust with them. This is what makes Loctekmotion’s stylish kids standing desk kits such a hit. The electric height adjustment of Loctekmotion’s CD201 means it’s easy to get the right height. Plus the desks’ corners are rounded for safety and it features a moisture resistant surface, making it easy to clean.

Height Adjustable Workbench

Ergonomic tables and desks aren’t limited to office workers. Loctekmotion’s WB101 and WB102 help those that work in garages, shops, warehouses, or really anywhere be more comfortable and productive. The adjustable height lets a single table be used for fine detail work and assembly work. Your customers are no longer stuck with a single-height workbench isn’t the right height for them. Adjusting the height is simple whether your customers choose the electric version or manual version, meeting every customer’s needs.

loctekmotion standing workbench WB101

Gaming Standing Desk Kits

The pandemic has created a surge in the number of individuals playing online games. This means more adults and health conscious individuals are also playing games now too. Give your customers an ergonomic solution to enhancing their gaming performance.Loctekmotion’s GD101 lets gamers easily adjust between sitting and standing, helping improve overall comfort. Added perks include an extra-large 63” workspace, a fully covered and customized mouse pad, plus a drink holder and headphone hook to take comfort to the next level.

loctekmotion gaming desk GET102D

Perfect Height Dining Options

If you’ve ever had customers come to you lamenting they cannot find a table that’s the perfect height, Loctekmotion’s ETP225 is just the solution they’ve been looking for. The wide table top makes it ideal for a dining table that can easily sit four. Everyone knows about standing desk kits for workstations, but few have given consideration to the possibility of a height-adjustable dining table that will give them the perfect height no matter which chairs or benches they are using. ETP225 comes in beautiful natural colors with a pine-toned wood tabletop and white frame, fitting into any minimalistic or costal design.

loctekmotion standing desk ETP225

Standing Sewing Tables

Like gaming, crafting has also been on the rise during the pandemic. As more people are crafting, the demand for sewing tables has also increased. While sewing tables can be incredibly useful, unless they are the right height they can easily lead to back pain and poor posture. Having a sewing table, such as Loctekmotion’s ET119-SEW, that operates as a standing table helps eliminate these issues. This is an option that few people are promoting and is a unique piece that will make your brand stand out amongst your competition.

loctekmotion sewing table ET119-sew

Ultra Comfortable Studio Desks

Help your customers take their creativity to the next level by giving them a desk that works to ensure their comfort during long studio sessions. This unique offering from Loctekmotion offers musicians a standing desk that adjusts three times faster than the average. The desk also features a full-extension 88 keyboard tray and absorbing panels for sound insulation. It’s the perfect solution for your customers that spend their days recording, mixing, and producing music.

loctekmotion standing desk ESD101

Sit Stand Drawing Desks

Customers in creative fields like design need different solutions than someone in a business or administration type role. Give your creative customers the solution they have been looking for by offering Loctekmotion’s ET120. This drafting table can help your customers get rid of the neck and back pain they have from hunching over their flat desks and tables. This can also be the ideal solution for those customers who deal with lots of presentations. Not only is this desk height adjustable, but the incline of the drafting table is adjustable as well. This means creatives can get the most comfortable solution for long hours of drawing and drafting.

loctekmotion drafting table ET120

Unique Solutions that Help Your Customers

This Black Friday, customers are looking for the items that they need and with the pandemic, standing desks are the need of the hour. However, many customers get stuck thinking they are limited to the basic model of sit stand desk. Offering your customers these unique, ergonomic standing desk kits will help set your brand apart from the competition this holiday season. You can help your customers find the perfect, high-quality solution for their situation. LocteckMotion uses its superior lift column technology to provide your customers with unique solutions that meet their exact needs. Contact our sales team today to discuss how we can help you make your Black Friday a success.

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