As the Internet plays an increasingly important role in modern society, people are spending more and more time sitting at their desks. Comfortable office appliances and physical health have become more and more important points for people. This trend has expanded the market for height-adjustable desks and has led to a wide range of research and development and applications of height-adjustable desks. In that way, what are the main factors that influencing consumers to buy height-adjustable desks? Why are a great number of white-collar workers using LoctekMotion’s height adjustable desk for work?  Let’s take a brief look.

Why choose height-adjustable desk?

With changes in working styles, people often have to sit for a long time. As we all know, sitting for a long time can cause many diseases, such as: aggravate the disease of the lumbar spine and cervical spine; Exacerbate fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and increase the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease; Lead to obesity and so on. However, Loctekmotion’s height-adjustable desk can reduce the occurrence of these problems. By gently pressing the button or manually adjusting the table, people can adjust the height of the table and the sitting or standing postures as needed, so that the brain can get enough oxygen supply and work more efficiently.

Three main factors affecting the purchase of height-adjustable desks

1.The appearance design of the desk needs to be concise and generous, which can make the desk better integrated into the scene. At the same time, the simple and elegant appearance of the desk can bring users a comfortable look and feel, and improve their use of pleasure.

2. The desk needs to be easy to operate. At the same time, the table should have memory presets function to help users remember the height they want. Through memory presets, users can program and select their most frequently used heights with the press. Loctekmotion’s height-adjustable desk provides clean and intuitive control panels to help the users to control their height-adjustable desks. When the user wants to adjust the height, the desired height can be obtained directly through the up and down key, which also enables the user to get a better service experience.

3. The desk needs to rise and fall fast and quietly. Such a height-adjustable desk is easier to gain favour from customers and accumulate reputation in the process of use, which greatly encourages customers to make repeated purchases. LoctekMotion ‘s offers a range of lifting columns for our furniture distributors, wholesalers to choose, speed range is 32 mm/s – 80 – mm/s. Moreover, all the lifting columns produce less than 50dB when working.

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