During the epidemic, more and more professional musicians, music lovers, podcaster and gamer have set up their own studios at home, and it is very important to choose the right table for the studio in terms of music production, recording and live broadcasting. The dedicated studio desk allows you to use the most commonly used equipment at any time, thus improving the workflow. It also helps organize your equipment and cables to achieve a clean workspace. Ergonomically designed workstations are equally important, an ergonomic studio desk can enhance comfort, improve health, and even inspire creativity.

Enter the LoctekMotion ESD101 Studio Desk. This carefully designed model uses advanced linear actuator technology to create studio desks that transition automatically from a seated to an upright position, giving you more options throughout the day. Innovative design and attention to detail make it an excellent choice for people seeking ergonomic studio desks. Let’s look at the features that make ESD101 stand out in the field of studio desks.

Functions of ESD101 Studio Desk

Height Adjustment Range and Load Capacity: The height adjustment range of ESD101 is 28.5 to 48.2 inches, which enables it to meet a series of ergonomic needs of people of different heights. It can provide users with more leg space and feel the mixing effect at different heights. The music equipments (such as a mix control station, a recording interface, equalizers) in the storage compartment are 19 inches in length, 1 to 2U in height (1U = 1.75 inches), and the weight is basically 11 to 17.6 pounds. With a load capacity of 110.2 pounds, ESD101 with 6RU rack spaces underneath to keep the equalizer and amplifier organized, which can meet the placement requirements of music equipment, moreover, ESD101 provides load-bearing support for the placement of monitors and any other equipment.

Reasonable Size Keyboard Holder: The size of ESD101’s keyboard holder is 59.05 inches, which meets the length of the digital piano from 61 keys to 88 keys (44-59 inches). It can meet the needs of most digital piano keyboards in the market.

Style and Design: The color matching of ESD101 is log color table and black leg, its design is simple but steady, it will not disturb the original style of your house, but create a decent and elegant atmosphere.

Wide Range of Application Scenarios: Excellent design and load capacity enable it to meet the application of multiple scenarios, such as home music studio, indoor performance, nightclub, electric syllable, party, wedding, live broadcast, electronic sports.

LoctekMotion’s ESD101 offers a range of features – height, beauty, technical specifications – makes it an excellent all-around choice to meet the needs of the majority of studio desk users. The height of the studio desk can be customized, and it is compatible with various music equipment and desktop sizes. It provides multiple rack and shelf systems for each storage, and it is optimized from one package to two packages, which reduces the transportation weight. Additionally, it’s available at a highly competitive price – including a 5-year frame and motor warranty – making its value tough to beat. Contact the LoctekMotion sales team to discuss your interest in our studio desk!





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