Put media in motion with our collaborative media walls. Project your smartphone, computer, or tablet screen onto the larger screen of our portable height-adjustable media stand to turn any conference room or classroom into a flexible workspace.

Turn Anyplace into a Collaborative Space

Increasingly, teachers and professionals are incorporating screens, monitors, and smart boards into their workspaces to boost engagement and enhance visual communication. However, these new technologies are often too cumbersome to be moved around. They are either fixed on the wall or traditional media stand — resulting in a clash between new technology and people’s preference for flexible workspaces.

LoctekMotion’s collaborative media wall offers users a perfect solution. With its four nimble casters, you can have the flexibility to change its placement within the room, transport it to different rooms within the building, turn any classroom or conference room into an interactive workspace and store it out of the way when not in use — holding group meeting in a break room while drinking coffee will never be a dream! What’s more, its portability and the feature of helping avoid permanent installation, makes the media wall a great suit for hoteling work environment.


Adjust the Height for Optimum Viewing and Engagement

This collaborative media wall is supported by LoctekMotion’s advanced electric linear actuator technology to make it height adjustable, allowing presenters like college professors to lower down the interactive screen for the convenience of writing and then lift it up to help the audience have a clearer vision. Whether you sit on an ordinary chair , a floor chair, a stood or a sofa, the screen can fit your height and protect you from neck strain by giving you an ergonomic view. This height adjustable feature also enable you and your team switch between sitting and standing posture – get more blood pump into your brain for creativity and productivity.


Present Your Idea Easily with Wireless Projection System

As a media of transferring information, the normal size of computer monitor is too small to share with a class or a group of colleague and people often find it troublesome when passing their own laptop to other members to share information. With that concern in mind, we coupled our collaborative media wall with our wireless projection system so that you can connect the wall to other media devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, allowing you to share your screen with the room and remove the burden of cables.


Embrace the Future

The upcoming 5G era of wireless technology will enhance video calls to almost lifelike quality. Projecting video calls to the collaborative media wall will make a teleconference feel like an in-person meeting. Besides, as more businesses and schools adopt flexible workspaces, collaborative media walls will play a key role in making these spaces functional, flexible, and interactive.


Expand What’s Possible

Collaborative media walls facilitate presentations, telecommuting, classroom discussions, group work sessions, and more. How could it transform your workspace? Contact us to get started.

  • Electric Linear Actuator Systems

Our industry-leading electric linear actuators deliver smooth, stable, and almost silent lifting motion—with the fastest adjustment speed on the market, at 80 millimeters (3.15 inches) per second.

  • Take Your Pick

Every conference room, office space, and exhibit hall is different, so we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with our technology. Our lifting columns and control systems are available in a wide range of options, so you can choose the size, color, adjustment range, speed, and price point that fits your needs.

  • If You Don’t See It, Let Us Build It

If we don’t have exactly the solution you’re looking for, let us know. We love partnering with new clients to build custom solutions that address specific use cases and business needs. Let us know what you’re seeking and we’ll make it our mission to create a height-adjustable media system that fits the profile.

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