LoctekMotion provides standing desk kits suited for a variety of uses and environments. Our height-adjustable desk solutions include both standalone lifting columns and complete full-frame standing desk systems.

The Sedentary Dilemma

With the rise of the wellness movement, people are becoming more aware of the negative consequences of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Too many sedentary hours can lead to what’s known as “sitting disease,” a collection of related metabolic and cardiovascular symptoms associated with sedentary habits. Recognizing these dangers, many people want to be more active throughout the day. However, lifestyle factors such as one’s job and hobbies can make that difficult. Most office job require sitting at a desk for 8+ hours per day and hobbies such as gaming are highly sedentary.


The Sit-Stand Revolution

LoctekMotion is revolutionizing traditionally stationary desks with our intelligent linear motion system. Using intelligent actuators, we’re able to add stable, smooth, efficient, and silent height-adjustment function to standing desks. Our automated height-adjustable desks can be used for any use case, such as office workstations, gaming setups, and studio desks.

Height-adjustable desks increase comfort by allowing users to customize height settings. They improve health by preventing sitting disease, and also enhance productivity and creativity. Many companies are already making the switch to height-adjustable desks for their employees, based on research that standing desks increase metrics like productivity, morale, and employee satisfaction.


Get Started

LoctekMotion is a leading provider of intelligent actuator technology for automated height-adjustable desk systems. Partner with us to create a customized workspace solution for your home, office, or studio. Contact us to get started.

  • Advanced Linear Actuator Technology

Every linear actuator we bring to market is expertly manufactured to pass our rigorous quality testing to ensure it’s reliable, stable, silent, and smooth in motion. Our research and development team has recently developed a linear actuator with the fastest height-adjustment speed in the market.

  • Wide Range of Options

We provide a full suite of customizable standing desk solutions. Choose from standalone lifting columns or full-frame desk systems available in a variety of configurations, with options for adjustment speed, adjustment range, shape, motors, color, and price level.

  • We Cater to Your Needs

If you have a specific use case in mind that’s not addressed by our existing solutions, we can help you fulfill that need. We understand that appearance and functionality are essential whether you’re gaming, designing, or computing. Contact us to discuss customized sit-stand desk solutions.

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