With LoctekMotion intelligent lifting technology, you can create conference tables that have ergonomic adaptability and sit-stand functionality.

The Long Meeting Lull

We’ve all sat through long afternoon meetings and fought hard not to fall asleep. Sitting for extended periods of time—like during long strategy sessions or group meetings—can make people sleepy and sluggish. Not to mention the epidemic of inactivity that’s plaguing offices everywhere. Sitting all day long makes employees uncomfortable and disgruntled, and can have lasting health repercussions. How many times have you looked around the conference table and seen tired, glazed-over eyes staring back at you, signaling that your employees are struggling to pay attention?


Liven Up Your Conference Room

The simple act of standing up has been proven to boost energy immediately and standing up while working can increase focus, engagement, critical thinking and productivity. LoctekMotion electric linear actuators can be used to add height-adjustable functionality to conference tables, so the next time you see your employees falling asleep in a meeting, you can simply raise the conference table to stand height to wake everybody up. LoctekMotion technology boasts industry-leading adjustment speed, so changing positions will cause no more than a few seconds interruption to your meeting.


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  • Industry-Leading Linear Actuators

LoctekMotion manufactures electric linear actuators with industry-leading technology, engineered by our best-in-class R&D team. Our lifting mechanisms set records for adjustment speed and ensure a smooth, stable, and almost silent transition. Each linear actuator undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing before we release it to market, so you can always count on our products to be reliable and top-performing. Just recently, we launched linear actuators with the fastest sit-to-stand speed on the market. an industry-leading speed of 80 millimeters (3.15 inches) per second.

  • Broad Product Portfolio

Our portfolio of electric linear actuators, lifting columns, and control systems allow you to customize at every turn. Choose from standalone lifting columns versus complete desk frames, select your preferred configuration, and pick everything from color to adjustment speed—available at your ideal price point.

  • We Work With You

If there’s something you need that you don’t see in our portfolio, just reach out to us. We love collaborating to create new solutions for our customers. Describe your business need and we will work with you to create a custom system that fulfills it.

  • ET203H

    • Multi-Motors
    • Square Column
    • Dual Benching
  • ET201H

    • Multi-Motors
    • Three-Stage Design
    • Square Column
  • ET203-5

    • Multiple Motors
    • Square Column
    • Five-Desk Solution
  • ET123HE

    • Multi-Motor System
    • Two-Stage Holeless Design
    • Benching

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