Upgrade your current gaming setup to an ergonomic, customizable gaming station with LoctekMotion. Our advanced linear actuator technology provides precise, stable, smooth, and quiet height adjustment for gaming desks.

Sneaky Side-Effects of Gaming

As a serious PC gamer, comfort is likely one of your top priorities when shopping for a gaming station. You know from experience that spending hours questing and battling at a poorly designed desk leads to muscle strain, tension, stiff joints, and pain. But even the most comfortable stationary desk can be hazardous to your health if you’re spending too much time engaged in sedentary behavior. Physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle behaviors are linked to countless health issues: cardiovascular disease, weight gain and obesity, depression, diabetes, and even some cancers.


Sit-Stand Gaming Setups

How do you enjoy your favorite games without putting your health at risk? LoctekMotion’s linear actuator technology transforms stationary desks into electric height-adjustable gaming stations that allow you to customize height settings and—even more importantly—alternate between sitting and standing during long hours of play. Switching your position while gaming will invigorate your blood circulation and help prevent the side-effects of “sitting disease.”


Take a Stand for Your Health

Partner with LoctekMotion to increase your market share and competitive position by providing top-notch height-adjustable gaming solutions. Contact us to get started.

  • Innovative Linear Actuator Technology

LoctekMotion electric linear actuators are intensively engineered and go through rigorous quality testing before they go to market. Our research and development team continually refine our products to guarantee that our linear actuators are always leading the market in functionality with stable, quiet and perfectly smooth motion. Our newest models boast the fastest height-adjustment speed in the market.

  • Highly Customizable Desk Systems

Our suite of height-adjustable desks is a “choose your own adventure” proposition. Choose between standalone lifting columns or complete desk frames, higher or lower price points, an array of color options, different configurations, and even a variety of adjustment ranges and speeds to create a desk system perfectly customized for your needs.

  • Let’s Create Something Together

Can’t find a solution for your exact need? Let’s create a brand new solution together. Tell us about what you’re envisioning, and we will work with you to craft a height-adjustable desk system designed to meet your specific needs.

  • ET224(IB)

    • Dual-Motor system
    • Three-Stage Holeless Frame
    • Square Column
  • ET102D

    • Dual Motors
    • Two-Stage Upside Down Design
    • Rectangular column
  • ET202

    • Dual Motors
    • Three-Stage Design
    • Rectangular Column
  • ET203(ZD01)

    • Dual Motors
    • Three-Stage Design
    • Pre-Assembled

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