Linear Actuator Solutions for Garage Storage Rack

Create a smart garage storage solution with motorized height-adjustable shelving units powered by LoctekMotion electric linear actuators and lifting columns.


The Danger Lurking in the Garage

Garage shelving is usually designed to maximize floor space and create more room between cars and walls. This results in tall, stacked shelves that stretch nearly to the ceiling—far beyond the reach of the average person. This approach may maximize space, but it makes it almost impossible to both to store and retrieve items safely. Most homeowners need a ladder to reach higher shelves, which can be a safety hazard in a fully-packed garage. According to reports from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries every year, and the majority of these accidents are not job-related but occur at home. Lifting heavy items to or from a tall shelf can also cause back, neck, and shoulder problems—or worsen existing conditions. People in wheelchairs don’t even have the option of climbing a ladder, so the tall shelf approach to garage storage is even less beneficial for them.


The Smart Garage Storage Solution

Electric linear actuators are the intelligent solution for garage shelving and storage. Using electric linear actuators and lifting columns, garage shelves can be raised and lowered using a remote control so that even the highest shelves are accessible to anyone. No more need worry about falling, throwing out your back, or dropping something valuable from the top of a ladder. These motorized, height-adjustable shelving units safely hold up to 330 lbs, offer over 2 feet of adjustment range, and have an adjustment speed of 18 mm/s going up and 20 mm/s coming down. With LoctekMotion garage shelving, we hope to reduce ladder accidents, prevent neck and back strain, and provide an accessible storage solution for all.


Upgrade Your Shelving Options

Abandon traditional garage shelving and choose a safer, more convenient alternative. Contact us today to talk about motorized height-adjustable garage storage options.

  • Linear Actuator Technology for Smart Storage

LoctekMotion electric linear actuators provide smooth, stable, and almost silent lifting motion. Our research and development team recently released the fastest electric linear actuators in the industry. Each and every one of our products is engineered for safety and goes through rigorous quality assurance testing, so you can count on them for safe, reliable, and durable performance.

  • Pick and Choose

Every project has different demands, parameters, and budgets. That’s why our electric lifting solutions are available in a wide range of options. Choose from different colors, adjustment ranges, speeds, price points, and configurations.

  • Talk to Us

If you have a specific need and can’t find a solution in our product catalog, we’d be happy to work with you to create a custom solution that gets the job done.

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