Linear Actuator Solutions for Wall Cabinet Lift

Motorized height-adjustable wall cabinets are a smart storage solution for kitchens, home offices, bathrooms, and more.

Top Shelf Struggles

Anyone who’s ever climbed on the kitchen counter to reach the top shelf knows that kitchen cabinets are not always designed to be very accessible. Many cabinets are too high for average people to reach, while others—such as children or people who use wheelchairs—don’t have the option to use a foot stool to give them a boost. Cabinets that are too high render the top shelves all but useless to the majority of people without risking injury by falling or damage to dropped dishes.


Smart Kitchen Storage

Electric linear actuator technology can improve the accessibility of kitchen cabinets by giving them motorized height-adjustable functionality. Raise or lower the cabinets with a remote control to reach the dishes you need. LoctekMotion linear actuators provide smooth and stable motion, so dishes are safe from any possible damage.


Make the Change

Choose a more convenient and more accessible alternative for kitchen cabinets and storage. Contact us to start discussing options.

  • Electric Linear Actuators for Wall Cabinets

Our research and development team applies rigorous quality assurance standards to all LoctekMotion products, and our height-adjustable wall cabinets are no different. Our smart wall cabinet solutions offer smooth, stable, and virtually silent motorized lift with industry-leading adjustment speeds.

  • Custom Combinations

Our height-adjustable wall cabinets can be used in any room in the house—kitchen, office, or bathroom. But that’s not where your options end. Choose from a wide variety of colors, configurations, adjustment ranges, speeds, and price points to find the combination that best suits your needs.

  • Tell Us What You Need

We love a challenge. So if you don’t see the solution you need, let us know and we’ll put our heads together to design something brand new just for you.

  • EK202

    • For Kitchen Cabinet
    • Safe & Secure
    • Three Layers

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