There was a time when corporate enterprises used whiteboards or even blackboards in the meeting room. Today, corporations, businesses, and teachers all use screens as a tool for communication. Collaborative media walls are gradually becoming an integral component of conference halls and meeting rooms.
You need not use the traditional TV stands as the innovative lifting columns have made it possible to adjust large displays and screens. The advanced solution allows businesses to interact more efficiently during meetings with an optimal visual experience.
When it comes to column solutions, LoctekMotion is the industry leader which designs, manufactures, and sells innovative solutions to put media in motion. The sturdy lifting columns allow TV stands to adjust the height, move the stand, and adjust the viewing angle according to ergonomic requirements.

Limitations of Traditional TV Stand

Before delving into the details of the lifting columns and its advantages, let’s understand why a traditional TV stand is not an ideal solution. Running a business is not less than a challenge; it is important to strike a balance between the form and function with all the necessities to run the operations.
Handling multimedia equipment is part of the business operation. While there are modern media solutions, many businesses still use traditional media stands in office settings. However, traditional TV stands have many limitations.


Eat up Space

Traditional TV stands require more space. They do not leave much room, especially if you have a small office space or meeting room.


Height Adjustment Issues

Traditional TV stands usually do not offer height adjustment features. Thus, it becomes difficult to achieve an optimal visual experience. Instead, it can cause neck pain, back pain, and other issues. Thus, traditional TV stands do not offer any ergonomic versatility.


Risk of Damage

Placing your audiovisual equipment or screen on a TV stand includes the risk of damage. Since the TV is not fixed in a position, it can tilt or fall upon someone, even if someone bumps into the TV stand.
So, using a traditional TV stand does not offer any advantages that lifting columns cannot provide. Instead, traditional TV stands consume more space and are prone to damage.


Why using lifting TV stand can revolutionize?

Motorized TV lifts are changing the dynamics of collaborative media solutions. The TV sets, screens, or large displays will no longer remain stationary. With LoctekMotion’s wide range of the motorized TV lift, you can revolutionize your meeting rooms, making your sessions more interactive.
In addition, the collaborative media wall allows projecting your smartphone, computer, or tablet onto the portable, height-adjustable media stand. The series of the motorized TV lift that will transform any conference room into a flexible workspace include:


  • Cabinet Lift System

It is a stylish alternative to a traditional TV stand. As the name suggests, the TV cabinet lift system hides the screen in a cabinet when the TV is not in use. It electronically raises the screen up and out when required. You can operate it using the control pad on the cabinet as well as a USB remote control.


  • Table Top Stand

This stand rests on the top of the existing furniture, thereby enabling to adjust the height of the TV for different applications.


  • Floor stand

The motorized TV floor stand is ideal for optimal visual experience in both office and home. You can adjust the height according to the ergonomic requirements.


  • Cart

It is another flexible media solution for both homes and offices; you can wheel the motorized TV cart to different meeting rooms in the office settings. Thus, it eliminates the need to invest in multiple stationary screens.
The best feature of a motorized TV cart is that you can adjust its height not only with Bluetooth remote control but also through a mobile device app.



Why should you opt for LoctekMotion?

Now that you know about the amazing innovative solutions that LoctekMotion offers, it is an open secret why you should partner with the company for business solutions.


  • Ergonomics

The optimal height of the TV must be even with the eye level of the viewer. A TV screen that is not positioned at an ergonomic height can cause nerve strain and neck pain. However, LoctekMotion motorized TV lift allows the users to flexibly adjust the position to any posture according to the seat height. You can adjust the screen to the optimal position with the control button.


  • Optimal Viewing

LoctekMotion’s advanced technology allows height-adjustment features thereby enabling the user to lower down the screen for convenience. The screen can fit any height suitable for your posture, whether you are sitting or standing.


  • Collaborative Space

LoctekMotion’s collaborative media wall comes with a flexibility of changing the placement of the TV stand/screen. You can transport it to any conference room, thereby turning it into a collaborative workspace.
The projection system makes it possible to connect the wall to multiple media devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Thus, you need not worry about the clutter of cables.


Final Word

No matter what the setting is, a motorized TV lift can elevate any screen situation. Don’t stay behind the curve; contact LoctekMotion today for advanced business solutions for your specific business needs.

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