LoctekMotion Work Resumption During COVID-19 Outbreak

LoctekMotion is proud to be among the first batch of manufacturers authorized by provincial government to return to normal work during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This follows a break during which many employees stayed home, some working remotely …
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LoctekMotion Employs Gyroscope to Enhance Standing Desk Safety

Gyroscopes have allowed many modern-day gadgets to achieve impressive feats. They appear to defy the laws of physics, however, gyroscopes serve as perfect examples of several laws of Physics and play important roles in some of technology’s biggest breakthroughs. Often …
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A Look at LoctekMotion’s Advanced Production Equipment: Laser Welding Robots

Being at the forefront of height adjustable furniture technology requires awareness and implementation of the most cutting-edge manufacturing methods and equipment. Demonstrating further commitment to efficiency and quality, instead of traditional gas shielded welding, LoctekMotion uses more advanced laser welding …
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12 Competitive Advantages of LoctekMotion’s Standing Desk Frame

Researching products in the ergonomic furniture market can be overwhelming with so many vendors to evaluate. Even once you zoom in on an individual vendor, examining the selection of height adjustable desks offered by each adds another level of complication. …
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Introducing the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 Standing Desk Frame

LoctekMotion is proud to introduce the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 – an upgraded version of our featured standing desk frame ET223. Our latest model takes the benefits of the ET223 to the next level, featuring a pre-assembled design that allows efficient bulk shipping as …
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loctekmotion control box aging test

How LoctekMotion Tests Quality of Standing Desk Frames

Quality is our number one priority at LoctekMotion. How do we guarantee every standing desk frame that leaves one of our factories is of the highest quality? We have a series of quality control measures in place to ensure consistent …
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LoctekMotion Dust-Free Workshop

A Look at the LoctekMotion Dust-Free Workshop

LoctekMotion lifting columns and desktops combine to create some of the highest quality standing desks on the market today. But have you ever thought about what gives the lifting column its lift? It all starts with our printed circuit board …
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Stability Test of Loctek motion Standing Desk Kit

LoctekMotion Standing Desk Stability Test Results

Early standing desk models were shaky and wobbly but technology has come a long way over the years. LoctekMotion standing desk kits rely on several design components to enhance stability. Read on to learn the results of the LoctekMotion standing …
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