The First Choice of Studio Desk: The LocketMotion ESD101

During the epidemic, more and more professional musicians, music lovers, podcaster and gamer have set up their own studios at home, and it is very important to choose the right table for the studio in terms of music production, recording …
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Will Remote Work Continue to Exist after the COVID-19 Epidemic

Historically, every global pandemic has produced innovations in everything including science, technology, fashion, and public health. This makes people rethink their preconceptions and try new methods of reducing suffering from the disease but also improving their way of life[1]. The …
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Consider Electric Adjustment in the Bed Design

After more and more people have experienced the comfort and convenience brought by height-adjustable desks, they are now actively seeking out more other furniture they can adjust, such as adjustable beds. One of the latest trends in the mattress industry …
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LoctekMotion New Technology Lowers Standby Power to just 0.1W

LoctekMotion’s low standby power technology keeps energy consumption for our adjustable desks as low as <0.1W – reducing power bills to a minimum. This exciting new feature makes adjusting a standing desk more cost-effective – and more greener. Below we’ll explore what this means …
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Ergonomic Solutions for Multi-Functional Furniture

Along with the rising land prices, this has an impact on the utilization of space that is limited, so that the form of housing will be increasingly streamlined. The residential trend is certainly closely related to the desired furniture product …
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LoctekMotion Work Resumption During COVID-19 Outbreak

LoctekMotion is proud to be among the first batch of manufacturers authorized by provincial government to return to normal work during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This follows a break during which many employees stayed home, some working remotely …
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