Consumers today are accustomed to customization and convenience. We can customize our home temperature from our smartphone, tailor our social media feeds to our specific interests, order takeout from almost any restaurant at any time, and call a car to pick us up at the touch of a button.

Why wouldn’t we expect the same personalized convenience from our work environment? Yet most workspaces and office furniture are far behind the customization curve. There is a solution: You can bring customizable ergonomics to office desks by outfitting height adjustable desks with electric linear actuators. Electric sit-stand desks can streamline workflow, increase employee well-being, and improve productivity in any office setting.

Electric Linear Actuators for Sit-Stand Desks

A linear actuator generates push-and-pull, up-and-down motion in a straight line, as opposed to the rotational, circular motion of a typical electric motor. Electric linear actuators motorize this push-and-pull movement so that you can lift, lower, and adjust objects at the touch of a button.

Electric linear actuators revolutionized the traditional stationary desk. By pairing an electric linear actuator with a sit-stand desk frame, you can create an electric height adjustable desk that is fully automated. The electric linear actuator ensures that transitions between settings are smooth and seamless, and allows the user to adjust the height settings at the touch of a button.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Height Adjustable Desks?

You might be wondering, “What’s the benefit of making a height adjustable desk electric?” Aside from the fact that electric sit-stand desks are easier to use than manual height adjustable desks, standing desks themselves offer a wide variety of benefits for workers who use them. These benefits include versatility for workers in flexible office environments, improved physical health, and increased productivity.

Customizable Settings

As open-plan offices and shared workspaces have risen in popularity, it’s become increasingly common for workers not to have an assigned desk. The same desk might be used by five different people over the course of a week. Each of those people will be different heights and have different preferences. An electric sit-stand desk allows them each to customize the desk’s height to what is most comfortable for them.

Health Benefits

The most common health issue plaguing today’s workers is sitting disease. Not a diagnosable condition, so-called “sitting disease” is a catch-all term for the metabolic symptoms and other ill-effects caused by leading a sedentary lifestyle. According to a 2008 study by Vanderbilt University, the average American spends 55% of their waking life (7.7 hours) sitting down—whether during their commute, at their desk, or at home.

While many offices are highly sedentary, 67% of U.S. office workers say they wish their employers offered options to work sitting or standing. Electric height adjustable desks give workers the ability to control how sedentary (or not) their working hours are.

Productivity Boost

Sitting too much can be a drain on productivity. Not only can sitting make your brain sluggish, but the physical side effects of too much sitting (such as pain and discomfort) can lead workers to take extended breaks from their desks.

In a survey, 18% of workers polled reported spending between 30 minutes and an hour each day away from their desk to relieve discomfort caused by sitting. A total of 85% of workers reported taking breaks during the day for symptom relief. If those workers had an electric height adjustable desk, they could simply switch to a standing position to continue working while they stretched their legs rather than leaving their desk.

Enhanced Brain Function

Your brain doesn’t like sedentary behavior any more than your body does. Too much sitting has been linked to cognitive decline. Your brain needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients delivered by your blood in order to function optimally. Sitting for extended periods can slow down the blood flow to your brain, which can lead to temporarily clouded thinking and impaired memory. Over time, the cumulative effects of reduced blood flow can increase risk for neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia.

Taking frequent breaks to stand or move around can help prevent this reduction in blood flow. In fact, people who engage in regular activity during the day have a 50% lower risk for cognitive decline. Movement is also linked to greater concentration, learning, memory and retrieval, and productivity. Working at an electric height adjustable desk makes it much easier for employees to maintain movement and stimulate steady blood flow throughout the day.

Types of Desks That Can Use Electric Motion

While office workstations are the most obvious setting for an electric height adjustable desk, these desks have many other potential applications as well, such as:

  • Gaming Desks – Hardcore gamers often engage in gaming marathons, which can last hours at a time. A sit-stand desk would increase their comfort and help them avoid being completely sedentary during long gaming sessions.
  • Drafting Desk – Architects and graphic designers have traditionally used standing desks with slanted desktops for their work. Because these jobs are typically sedentary, a height-adjustable desk would also increase comfort and movement during the workday.
  • Studio Desk – Many artists also prefer to work on their feet—probably because that increased blood flow is good for creativity!

These are just a few examples of professions and people who would benefit from a desk equipped with electric linear actuator technology. Almost any time a desk is used for work or play, an electric height adjustable desk would be a preferable option.

LoctekMotion Electric Linear Actuator Products

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