Recently, the rate at which the pandemic coronavirus is spreading and killing a lot of people all over the world is becoming rampant. With the global spread of this virus, the government, as well as the private organizations, have declared the working from the home method.

This process is to curb the spread of the virus and ensure the health and safety of every person. For health, efficiency, and productivity in your daily routine work, the electric lifting table as well as the adjustable standing desk has become the first choice for home office.

Moreover, in this Coronavirus lockdown, nearly all the workers need to purchase home office furniture. By getting this, it will improve their work performance and make them achieve their set target as well as their aims and objectives.

Lifting Column Working Principles, Functions, and Parameters

As a critical component of the electric lifting table, the column plays an essential role in the lifting table. Although, choosing the appropriate column might be quite tricky because there are varieties of lifting columns. You need to undertand what you need to look for in a lifting column, for you to be able to get the desired one that can serve you well.

Basically, the column has two functions in the lifting table. The first one is that it integrates linear actuators fitted with a guide to protect the desk. While the second is that it guides your working tools alongside the pedestals to maintain a fully extended position.

On the one hand, it can realize the lifting of the desktop; adjust the height of the desktop, and also meet the needs of the sitting-station. Besides, it alternates sit-stand healthy office, and at the same time meet the sitting-station height requirements of users of different heights

More so, the lifting column functions act as a subordinate to the standing desk to support the table, ensures the stability as well as its firmness. However, the up and down process of the column is as follows: the motor shaft drives the worm to rotate, and the worm drives the screw to rotate through the turbo deceleration.

Nonetheless, the slider on the screw moves linearly up and down as the screw rotates, driving the outer tube connected to it, to complete the column Lifting movement.

Therefore, the lifting range of the column is called the stroke, and this range affects the adjustment height of the lifting table, which means that the height is different from the lowest position to the highest place.

Furthermore, the adjustment range of the column may be too broad, thereby making the distance between the desktop and the ground to be high or low. Moreover, if the distance is too small, sitting in a chair will not be very comfortable.

Besides, if the distance is too high, this means that the desktop is too high from the ground, which may easily cause the table to shake and reduce the stability of the table. So, it is essential to choose the appropriate stroke parameters.

The column and the table frame work in line to support the table, which reflects the bearing capacity of the column. Besides, the lifting table comprises of three parts which are; upright, tabletop frame, and table board.

In addition to bearing, the weight of items placed on the desktop is also essential. Some items that can be placed on the desk include computers, books, and many others. The bearing of the column also consists of the pressure of the user’s arm on the desktop and the weight of the desk board.

If you choose a thicker table, you will not be able to put too many items on the table or your arm cannot be pressed against the table with too much force, because the bearing capacity of the column is fixed.

After all, if you want the best lifting column for your office standing desk, you should understand that the faster the column during the lifting process, the better it is.

From the user’s point of view, of course, the faster the speed, the better, from the sitting position to the standing state, without wasting time. However, we need to consider the energy consumption of the motor and the price of the column.

Nevertheless, due to the lifting column increment when a specific load-bearing capacity is satisfied, the power of the motor needs to be increased, and through this process, the cost of the column might escalate.

Besides, note that the power consumption of the high-power motor during the operation process must be more than that of the low-power motor. More so, it is not difficult to see from the above analysis that the role of the column in the lifting table is vital.

In the long run, the travel, loads and speed of the column directly affect the use of the lifting table, so to achieve a sit-stand alternate healthy office, one needs to improve the office for efficiency and choose the right column when you are selecting an electric lifting table.

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