Many homeowners and tenants use raised wall shelving in their garages to store seasonal items, stash boxes, and hang bicycles underneath on hooks. But traditional, stationary shelving can present health and safety problems. Fortunately, there is a better way! LoctekMotion’s linear actuator enables garage shelving to be lowered and lifted for safe and convenient storage. Today, we’ll examine the specific problems with traditional garage shelving – and how motorized shelves from LoctekMotion are raising the bar in home storage solutions.

Problems with Traditional Garage Shelving

Traditional garage shelving is typically located higher than the average person’s reach to maximize floor space and allow room to move between cars and walls. But this positioning creates the problem of reaching those high shelves to both place and retrieve items in storage. Many homeowners and tenants need ladders to reach the shelves, which can be a tight fit in a full garage and also raise safety concerns: According to reports from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 500,000 people are treated each year for ladder-related injuries – and most accidents occur in non-work settings such as homes and farms. Additionally, even if they would like to, people in wheelchairs don’t have the option of using a ladder.

Lastly, lifting heavy items above your head for storage or removal can worsen or cause new back, neck and shoulder problems. There are many health conditions under which homeowners or tenants simply should not be lifting heavy items manually.

A Primer on Linear Actuators

Before we examine the specific solutions, let’s get a grasp on the basics of electric linear motion and linear actuators. An actuator is “a mechanical device for moving or controlling something.” Linear actuators create motion in a straight line, as opposed to conventional electric motors that operate in a circular motion.

Specifically, a linear actuator converts rotary motion from an electric motor to motion that travels in a straight line, or linear motion. The advantage of electric linear actuators over hydraulic or pneumatic actuators is a combination of power and control in a compact, efficient device. Linear actuators have a variety of applications ranging from industrial machinery to disk drives and printers.


Motorized Shelving Solutions from LoctekMotion

LoctekMotion’s linear actuator provides a safe and convenient solution for garage shelving.  The motorized, height adjustable wall-mounted shelving units offer easy do-it-yourself installation and eliminate the need for a ladder or any heavy manual lifting. Garage storage shelves raise and lower with the touch of a button on the convenient wireless remote control (watch the demonstration here!). The motor offers smooth and stable movement – as well as strength, with capacity offered up to 330 lbs. Electric adjustable garage shelves from LoctekMotion are height adjustable by over 2 feet, and adjustment speed is 18mm/s up and 20mm/s down.

Additionally, the linear actuator solution is flexible – you can purchase solely the linear motion or the entire garage shelving system. Shelves are offered in 2’x4’ and 2’x5’ sizes.

LoctekMotion: Company and Vision

LoctekMotion is the leading provider of electric linear actuators, offering quality solutions at affordable prices as well as the most up-to-date technology. In addition to storage solutions, we have created automated actuation systems for electric height adjustable desks to improve health and productivity. Our commitment to better ergonomics for all is the common thread throughout our entire product line.

Our goal is to offer a safe, efficient and affordable alternative to traditional garage shelving: reduce ladder accidents, prevent neck and back strain, and provide an accessible storage solution for all.

Contact the LoctekMotion sales team here or at if you have an interest in this innovative solution.

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