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Linear Actuator Solutions for TV Lift Cabinets

With electric linear actuator technology, TV sets become height-adjustable and easily storable so that televisions can work for any room and any audience.

TV Troubles

Televisions have long since become fixtures in our homes. The average American watches between four and five hours of TV every day. But that doesn’t mean that we always want our televisions out on display. When a TV is not in use, it can make a room look cluttered and untidy. Dust can build up on screen, which may also be susceptible to accidental damage if someone were to bump into it. Stationary or mounted televisions also don’t provide any ergonomic versatility—they are stuck at the same height no matter who is watching, whether it be a 6-foot adult or a small child.

Media in Motion

With LoctekMotion advanced linear actuator technology, you can create a height-adjustable TV lift cabinet that be used in the living room, bedroom, or even outside. This cabinet allows a user to raise or lower a television depending on the demands of the situation. When the TV is in use, it can be elevated to the user’s preferred height. When they are done with it, they can lower the TV down into the cabinet, where it is tucked away out of sight. The height-adjustable TV cabinet allows people to compromise if some family members want a television in a particular room while others do not. It also protects the TV when not in use and makes it safe to install a television outside without worrying about wind or rain damage.

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Expand your range of TV stands and media furniture with LoctekMotion intelligent linear actuator systems. Contact us today to get started.

Top-Performing Linear Actuators

LoctekMotion is the leading manufacturer of intelligent linear actuator systems including lifting columns and control systems. Our research and development team is always hard and work pushing the limits on innovation, and each of our products undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing before we bring it to market. We recently launched a new iteration of electric linear actuators with the fastest speed on the market

Custom Solutions

Our range of electric linear actuator systems spans a variety of colors, configurations, adjustment speeds, and price points. Make the choices that fit your budget and business needs to create a truly customized solution.

Let’s Collaborate

Have an idea for a product but don’t see it listed? We love a new challenge. Come to us with your idea and we will find a way to make it happen.

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