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12 Competitive Advantages of LoctekMotion’s Standing Desk Frame

Researching products in the ergonomic furniture market can be overwhelming with so many vendors to evaluate. Even once you zoom in on an individual vendor, examining the selection of height adjustable desks offered by each adds another level of complication. How do you keep track of the options and benefits they all offer? To help simplify the process, LoctekMotion has compiled a list below of 12 competitive advantages of our standing desk frame that should help cover the bases – and demonstrate how our solutions are ideal for a variety of end users.

  1. Diverse Product Options

LoctekMotion offers our height adjustable desk frame with a variety of appearance and configuration options to meet a wide range of customer needs. Among the many practical and aesthetic choices, we provide:

-Different height adjustment ranges, speeds and load capacities

-A choice of leg shapes (classic T-shaped and modern C-shaped)

-Leg tube shape options (rectangle, square, round and ellipse)

-Visible holes or holeless

-Conventional or quick installation methods

-Workstation set-up options (single, dual- or multi-station)

  1. Industry-Leading Speed

Our lifting columns operate at an industry-leading 80 millimeters (or 3.15 inches) per second, reached in only 0.65 seconds from standstill. This adjustment speed is three times faster than the industry standard, saving valuable productivity time. Our popular ET223 model and the newly launched ET223(IB)-P01 incorporate this technology breakthrough.

  1. High Quality & Safety Standards

Each batch of LoctekMotion products goes through rigorous quality testing before shipment. This includes tests for durability, stability, control box aging and function, load, high and low temperature operation, control panel waterproofing and noise level. Additionally, we have achieved international certifications including CB, CE, ISO, UL and many more.

  1. Whisper-Quiet Design

Our research and development team has successfully reduced the noise produced by our electric lifting column’s telescopic tube and interior mechanism to nearly zero, so the only sound made while adjusting comes from the electric motor – which operates below 50 decibels. This whisper-quiet level leads the industry in noise reduction.

  1. Holeless Lifting Columns

LoctekMotion continues to demonstrate our commitment to innovation by our introduction of holeless lifting columns. By investing in extra machinery and manpower to precisely optimize interior space, we kept the functional capabilities of our standing desk legs without sacrificing exterior appearance. The holeless leg option is a popular choice for increased aesthetic appeal.

  1. Quick Installation

We offer super-fast installation options, with some desks assembling in less than two minutes. For example, our ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 arrives with the cross beam and legs pre-assembled, folded against the desktop. Installers can simply unfold each leg away from the desktop and drill a few screws into place to secure the leg in a right angle.

  1. Anti-Collision Technology

Safety is critical when automatically adjusting a standing desk. If the motor in our standing desk detects any force in the opposite direction of its movement – and if the force exceeds a certain amount – the desk will automatically stop and reverse, minimizing any potential damage or injury.

  1. Advanced Collision Prevention Technology

In a further upgrade to our anti-collision solution, LoctekMotion’s advanced, innovative collision-free technology actually prevents collisions from happening. For downward adjustment (to prevent crushing of unexpected objects beneath the desk), we place advanced sensors underneath the desktop that detect any object within an inch away and stop movement before contact occurs.

  1. Knock Control Technology

Knock control technology offers an additional level of convenience in adjusting a standing desk. Rather than reaching for the control panel, users can simply knock on the desktop to raise, lower and stop the desk in their preferred position. A specialized sensor detects the desktop vibrations and communicates commands to the control box.

  1. Auto-Leveling Technology

Our auto-leveling lifting columns automatically adapt to the ground to make the desktop completely level. An uneven floor can cause problems when precision is required – for example, in a lab environment. However, when a desk is equipped with our auto-leveling columns, it will intelligently adjust itself to make the desktop surface perfectly level.

  1. Customization Options

LoctekMotion provides a wide range of customizable products to meet specific client needs. Our standing desk frames offer a selection of color options and are compatible with a variety of control panels and desktop sizes. From a single desk in a home office to a three-desk team workstation, unique configuration possibilities are endless.

  1. Five-Year Warranty

Further demonstrating our commitment to product quality, each LoctekMotion purchase includes a five-year warranty for the desk frame as well as the motor, controller, switch, electronics and other mechanisms. Durability testing projects that our desks will operate flawlessly for over 13 years, but we gladly offer this warranty for customer peace of mind.

LoctekMotion is confident that our wide range of benefits, combined with competitive pricing, create standing desk frame value that’s tough to beat!

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