Quality is our number one priority at LoctekMotion. How do we guarantee every standing desk frame that leaves one of our factories is of the highest quality? We have a series of quality control measures in place to ensure consistent quality across our products. Our R&D team conducts quality testing at every stage of the product design process, we follow standard operating procedures during production, and we perform rigorous final inspections before our products are shipped off to our customers.

These are some of the tests we perform to ensure our standing desk frames are up to our high quality standards. Note that in all our tests, we simulate extreme scenarios to push the desks to their limits. The average user won’t experience anything similar to these conditions.

Durability Test

The quality control department will randomly select 5 to 6 standing desk frames from each shipment to conduct a durability test. In this test, the desks are loaded up to their full weight capacity, and then the desk frame will go up and down 20,000 times. The desks will only be shipped if all the desk frames selected successfully pass this test.

Load Test

In the load test, we place 125 kg of weight on the desktop to confirm that it functions correctly at its maximum weight capacity.

High Temperature Test

In this scenario, we test the desk functionality in a 78-degree Celsius room with 100 kg of weights on the desktop.

Low Temperature Test

Like the high temperature test, except we test the functionality in -20-degree Celsius conditions. The average office may be chilly, but it isn’t this cold!

Control Panel Waterproof Test

We spray down the control panel with a water hose, then test to confirm it still works afterward. If the control panel survives this, we guarantee it will survive a coffee spill.

Noise Level Test

We test the noise levels of our desks in a semi-anechoic room. A semi-anechoic room is designed to absorb sound waves, not reflect them. It is also soundproof. This chamber allows us to measure noise levels without any interference from the surrounding environment in order to get the most accurate reading. Learn more about our semi-anechoic testing room.

Stability Test

In this test, we use machinery to press down on different points of the desktop surface to confirm its stability. The machine uses both vertical and lateral pressure to test the side-to-side and front-to-back stability of the desk frame.

Control Box Aging Test

The control box is an essential component of the desk frame. It receives orders from the control panel when a user presses “up,” “down” or one of the preset buttons, and then translates those orders to the motors that put the desk into motion. LoctekMotion control boxes also include advanced innovations such as auto-levelling integration, knock control technology, short-circuit protection, and an anti-collision mechanism.  

In the aging test, we keep multiple control boxes running for extended periods of time to test their performance at different time increments, guaranteeing that performance won’t decline over time.

Control Box Function Test

Our quality assurance team individually tests control boxes to confirm their functionality.

The LoctekMotion quality assurance, R&D, and engineering teams work together across the lifecycle of a product to ensure that the finished product is of the highest possible quality.

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