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Inside LoctekMotion’s Automated Warehouse


When picturing a warehouse, you might envision hardworking employees driving forklifts or lifting heavy product boxes on their own. But in LoctekMotion’s automated warehouse, it’s a totally different scene. Products seemingly direct themselves down conveyor belts while robotic lifts whisk heavy parcels several stories up in the air in seconds for secure storage. Every direction you look, systems are working seamlessly and smoothly to keep order and organization. Thanks to our advanced, automated facility, every day tens of thousands of products complete warehouse entry correctly and are then distributed to containers that will be shipped all over the world.

Quick Facts About Our Warehouse

Our automated warehouse can be separated into two sub-warehouses: one to stock stamping parts and other heavy materials, and the other to stock raw materials and finished products. Generally, in LoctekMotion’s warehouse, storage racks are up to 21m high and offer 11,600 storage locations. 

Step-by-Step: The Process of Product Storage and Retrieval

Here is a simple breakdown of how product organization works in LoctekMotion’s automated warehouse:

  1. Products enter a warehouse for storage, in preparation for future orders.
  2. Product boxes are placed on a pallet for application of a bar code system.
  3. An employee scans the bar code using a wireless handheld terminal to log the location for each product model and store that data for future use in the warehouse management system – a centralized computer system to track all relevant warehouse data.
  4. Each pallet travels through an automated conveyor line and is lifted by a robotic stacker for placement on a storage rack.
  5. When an order comes in and a product needs to be shipped out for delivery, an employee enters the product model and quantity into the warehouse management system.
  6. In a reverse of the storage process, products are automatically located on the racks, retrieved and sent back down the conveyor line for shipment by the requesting employee.

Dimensions can vary; however, in LoctekMotion’s warehouse, storage racks are 21m high and offer 11,600 storage locations. Thanks to our advanced, automated facility, every day tens of thousands of products complete warehouse entry correctly and are then distributed to containers that will be shipped all over the world.



Advantages of an Automated Warehouse

-Safety: By making robots do the heavy lifting, it’s easier to avoid casualties – both through injuries to warehouse employees and product breakage. When racks are stacked as high as they are, it’s much more practical to let machines do the work than risk injury to an employee in a lift.

-Cost-Saving: Deploying machines when practical cuts down on labor costs.

-Space Utilization Rate: Because of the upward reach of the racks and stackers, a warehouse such as ours can operate at a high density – two to five times higher than a traditional single layer warehouse.

-Speed: Each alley in the automated warehouse has a delivery rate exceeding 50 pallets per hour (according to LoctekMotion research).

-Information: Automated tracking through the warehouse management system provides real-time updates on inventory levels, allowing for precise and timely replenishment.

-Accuracy: The unique combination of a computerized, bar code tracking system and a human employee’s ability to identify the rare inaccuracy by sight provides the opportunity for extremely high accuracy in storage and retrieval.

Challenges of an Automated Warehouse

-Strict Requirements for Technology Construction: Because of the need for precision and accuracy, construction of all the components of an automated warehouse is complicated and time-consuming.

-High Capital Requirements: Directly related to the complication of construction, building a warehouse with these advanced capabilities requires a large investment.

-Finding and Hiring High Quality Staff: Staffing a highly technical warehouse can be a challenge, due to the need to hire staff with the technical knowledge to run and repair all of the mechanical components.

Why do we bother making this investment of time, money and labor resources? It’s simple – LoctekMotion always put our clients’ needs first. Our number one goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective products along with fast and accurate shipment. We understand that automation is the way of the future – but we pride ourselves on continuing to employ the best staff to keep our operations running smoothly…providing the best possible experience for our customers.

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