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Introducing the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 Standing Desk Frame

LoctekMotion is proud to introduce the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 – an upgraded version of our featured standing desk frame ET223. Our latest model takes the benefits of the ET223 to the next level, featuring a pre-assembled design that allows efficient bulk shipping as well as ultra-fast installation. Today we’ll break down how our latest model takes advantage of intelligent design with versatility for the end user and cost-effectiveness down the entire supply chain.

Benefits of the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407

The new ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 standing desk frame epitomizes LoctekMotion’s focus on end users’ integrated experience from installation to everyday use. It comes pre-assembled, saving time, effort and labor costs in assembly. Smart design choices offer optimum space usage and a clean look. Let’s examine the benefits of this new standing desk frame more closely:

standing desk frame ET223-ZZ1407.121052

Compact design for easy transport. The desktop and lifting columns are integrated into one package for efficient shipping. Prior to packaging, the desk legs are adjusted to their lowest height and folded in so the bottoms of the feet face each other. In this position, they fit neatly into the footprint of the tabletop. This smart design folds to fit within the smallest possible package, making individual and bulk shipping efficient and cost-effective.

Super-fast installation. With the simple folding lifting columns, the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 assembles easily in less than 2 minutes, as the cross beam and legs are pre-assembled. Installers can simply unfold each leg away from the desktop and drill a few screws into place to secure the leg in a right angle. No additional work is required!

Attractive and efficient design. Our latest standing desk frame incorporates the C-leg design, which provides the same wide feet as our T-leg design but sets the legs closer to the back of the desktop, rather than at the halfway point. This spacious frame design solves the problem of low space utilization under the standing desk by providing more depth and space to mount CPU holders, trays and other add-ons. The open-architecture design also offers optimal knee room and easy access to any tools below the tabletop. The desk’s clean, universal aesthetic makes it an attractive option for office or home use.

Technical Specifications

In addition to efficiency in transport and design, the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 also offers perks that users will enjoy each day of use for years to come. It boasts a height adjustment range of 24” to 49.6” which, combined with the knee room provided by the C-leg design, makes it an inclusive solution for taller-than-average users.

An optional sit-stand reminder system can be added to the control panel, which also boasts an option for three programmable height pre-sets. The dual-motor system enables faster and more stable automatic adjustment. The lifting columns adjust at 38mm/s – but even with this quick adjustment, the columns operate quietly at less than 50 decibels. For adjustment safety, we’ve incorporated an enhanced anti-collision feature.

The ET223(IB)-ZZ1407 has a load capacity of 176 pounds and table top dimensions are 55.1” x 27.6”. The columns are set up in a three-stage standard column design in a square shape. All LoctekMotion standing desk frames offer a variety of colors and customization options as well as a 5-year frame and motor warranty.

With the introduction of the ET223(IB)-ZZ1407, LoctekMotion continues our standard of innovation to produce benefits large and small, making lives easier for everyone from the distributor to the purchaser to the end user.  We infuse value into our products not only through cost, but also through comfort, aesthetic appeal and versatility in use. Contact the LoctekMotion sales team to experience the benefits of a superior standing desk frame with superior efficiency in shipping and cost…the best of both worlds!

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