How to Create an Enjoyable Work and Study Experience on Campus

With the progress of modern society, economic development, as well as the change in life style and attitude especially during the COVID-19 period, individuals have more requirements for organizations in order to improve their living standard.

In the context of university, creating a comfortable class environment and excellent study experience has gradually become one of the important pursuits, which pushes school authority to consider more specific solutions to satisfy both teachers and students.

One of the approaches is improving physical facilities within the environment surrounded by both students and teachers. Loctek’s ergonomic products offer possibilities to this solution.

Keep students physical health -Height Adjustable Standing Desk

A study by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) confirmed that students today have taller arms and legs than they did 30 years ago, which can directly affect the comfort of the furniture they perceive. Therefore, the furniture chosen by the school must be of the right size for the students, allowing them to maintain good posture. Intelligent classroom furniture designed in accordance with ergonomics can improve students' comfort to ensure their physical health. It enhances students' self-esteem, self-confidence and creativity. Loctek’s height adjustable standing desk provides more ergonomic chances for students. They can adjust the height based on their need.

More interaction in class -Mobile Single Column Standing Desks

In teaching environment, especially seminar class, a mobile single column standing desk is flexible for teachers. The smooth mobility allows teachers to move the desks anywhere at anytime in the class for strengthening the interaction with students, while the height scalability makes teachers more ergonomic fit.

Furthermore, research has shown that when the desks are free to move in addition to basic functions, students' interest in learning is greatly enhanced. Thus, this mobile single column standing desk can also be utilized by students.

The free movement, flexible space and various combination of mobile desks diversify the class learning forms, allowing individuals’ independent study or group discussion.

Reduce annoyance when facing messy task paper -Multifunctional Adjustable Standing Desk

For engineering and art students, mass drawing tasks together with large amount of pieces of paper always disturb and annoy them. A multifunctional adjustable standing desk, whose two modules are tiltable tabletop and foldable side platform, provides specific separated and large operation space. It reduces the redundant bother, so that makes students immersed in their work. Meanwhile, this type of desk also gives students options to choose a fit condition for themselves by adjusting the height of desk. 

Support multitasks on several screens -Dual Monitor Mount

Students major in finance always need to compare and process multiple data at the same time. However, sometimes, several website pages opened simultaneously in one screen leads to messy display, which partly increases in the work load. Loctek’s dual monitor arms support dual screens, which assists in proceeding multitask.

Furthermore, Loctek’s monitor arm has the function in adjustable distance between eyes and screen, allowing for self-selecting in appropriate distance. Meanwhile, its small overlap region in surface maximizes the available space on the desktop.


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