4 Ways to Give Your Home Office a Facelift

Right now, we're all spending a fair amount of time at home, not to mention working at home,especially since the pandemic appears to be entering a new chapter with the delta strain in full swing. It's probably been a year now since you initially set up your home office. Renovating our home office had been on our to-do list for quite a while, but it had been shoved aside in favor of other tasks. It appears that nothing beats home isolation for propelling your home office remodel to the forefront of the priorities list.

Our goal is to build a more realistic and exciting work environment for you, that is make your home office  more fulfilled and effective . Now is the perfect time to be inspired at home, and perform a little bit of transformation to your home office or simply start to establish a new one to motivate yourself, be more effective at home, and, most significantly, how well we can all stay happy and healthy throughout this time.

Let the light in

To feel awake and ready for each day, a well-lit room is vital. When it comes to promoting inspiration, lighting may make a huge difference, as a dark setting might leave you feeling tired and uninterested.

Make an effort to ensure that your office receives lots of natural light. Set up a slew of mirrors throughout the room to refract any natural light that comes in. If your desk confronts a wall, try rearranging it to face a window instead; this will provide some relief from staring at the computer monitor all day. If this is not an option, consider utilizing a decent natural light lamp.

Have some color

A bright blue fosters clarity of thought, whilst milder blue tends to soothe the mind and assist with focus. Bright colors, such as orange and yellow, help to stimulate imagination and enthusiasm. On the other hand, they might exacerbate anxiousness. Dark colors may appear fashionable, but they are significantly less inspiring and may leave you exhausted and less motivated to work. Keep your area bright and airy, but consider painting one wall a gorgeous color to inspire you. Try using a pale pastel tone instead, which will instantly make the entire area  lighter and increase productivity.

Minimize distraction

Reduce the number of items on your desk to simply those required for work. To minimize disruption such as Instagram or TikTok browsing, try not to bring your phone to your workstation. Noise-canceling headphones are essential for people working from home.

Keep it inspiring

While having too much stuff on your desk can make it cluttered, having a few selected items can motivate you . Postcards of locations you've visited, a mood board, or carefully chosen print and the pattern will help you create a productive area in your home office. But don't go too far – too many unnecessary objects will  cloud your mind.

Make a mood board with motivating quotations, thoughts, and items that stimulate you. A foam pinboard is an excellent tool for this. Bring in some greenery as well. Adding an indoor plant or a modest vase of  flowers from the garden can liven up your office and, more significantly, cheer you up when you walk in.


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