Over the years, there has been a global pandemic affecting the whole world. Due to this hardship, many organizations have been practicing the remote style of working. But recently, a lot of firms plan to resume back to their office routine following medical precaution.

Whatever you think about the remote work, the trend is becoming increasingly popular and growing fast. This is because it aimed at preventing innovation and collaboration from making the employees become productive and achieve a better work-life balance.

In this regard, Google, Twitter, and Apple have begun sharing plans to adapt to the remote work. This may also prompt other companies to rethink the amenities and health care given to their respective workers. Although the process may require a specific worker’s experience to achieve the method if there are many employees in the organization.

However, a series of office furniture needs to be in place while working. Either way, from home or at the office, an ergonomic standing desk is required to maintain proper health posture. This is why remote working always tantalizes with the promise of freedom.

So, while working remotely or at home, there is a need for ergonomically designed standing desks, lifting columns, and other office furniture. In this article, we would dive into how Loctekmotion standing desks and other office furniture meet the European office furniture industry and why our office furniture is the right product you need.

What Are The Two Standards?

The European office furniture standards are seen as the regulations and directives that are relevant to one degree or another for a specific product. In other words, it means the authorization of active materials that are used in furniture and any assembly or finishing processes.

There are two standards, as stated by the European office furniture industry. They include; the regulation UNE-EN 1335, for task seating, and UNE-EN 527, for office desk. These two standards are to ensure that the office furniture complies with all health and safety requirements and implications.

How Loctekmotion Meet The European Standard

To ensure the comfort, health, and safety of employees, it is highly essential to produce the right office furniture. In respect to this, loctekmotion is unique in her products. We understand how pains could be a determinant of working correctly; that’s why our team of experts strives hard to produce the best quality. Check how we meet the European standard below.

1. Proper Check Before Assembled

Loctekmotion’s product undergoes series of testing before it is being offered to the public. We test, verify, and make sure that the furniture is suitable for use. This makes us one of the leading organizations in recent years as we deliver the best product.

How Standing Desk Meet European Office Furniture Industry

2. Provision Of Proper Contentment

An unsettled chair or vulnerable furniture arrangement can have adverse effects on the employee’s health. So, to squeeze out the best from employees, there is a need to provide them with an ergonomic standing desk. Not only that, but office furniture that offers proper contentment and comfort.

3. We Build Brand Credibility

With our brand credibility and good reputation amidst other competitors, we create the perfect office furniture to meet the demand of end-user. So having a furniture arrangement that suits your business needs is a great approach to pass the European standards.

4.  Creation Of Impressive Working Space

If an organization wants to keep his/her existing and experienced employees, they need to care about their wellbeing. The European office furniture industry also makes sure that manufacturers and distributors provide an attractive and functional place to work. That’s why we are unique and capable of passing the standards.

5. Direct Impact On Productivity

This also constitutes another factor in how loctekmotion’s standing desk and other office furniture meet the two standards. Our products increase morale, which has a direct impact on productivity, reduce the number of aches, and lost working days through sickness.

5 Essential Facts About Loctekmotion’s Products

As a manufacturer, business owner, distributor, interior designer, or wholesaler, ask yourself this question. What kind of product do you want for the end user? Not only do you want office furniture, but purchasing the ones that meet the two European standards is termed the best. Check out the essential facts about our unique standing desk and office furniture below.

1. Decrease Number Of Injuries

Buying the product will definitely drive your brand to new and existing customers. Besides, loctekmotion products are designed ergonomically to relieve stress, injuries, as well as back and shoulder discomfort. With our products, there is no more muscle and joint pain.

How Standing Desk Meet European Office Furniture Industry

2. Ergonomically Designed Products

In all industries, office furniture doesn’t need to be boring. With the vast selection of ergonomic office furniture available, we are sure you would find different designs that suit your taste and employees’ workplace culture. This makes us different from other competitors.

3. Positive Correlation To Productivity

Great ergonomic furniture has a positive correlation to productivity. In addition, it eliminates unnecessary movement and creates a good working position. This makes the employees enjoy their work and increase productivity and job satisfaction.

4. Manifest Mental Health

Upgrading to ergonomic office furniture is an excellent way of sending messages to your potential buyers that you care about them. More so, it increases their mental and physical wellbeing to value their work and effort. Therefore, this factor differentiates us from others.

5. Affordable Office Furniture 

While our products come in a series of designs, we also offer affordable office furniture. We developed a premium quality brand at reasonable prices. We also provide fast delivery, eco-friendly, and quality. We understand what our customers and end-users need, that’s why we strive hard to provide the best.

However, no matter what you choose as your ergonomic standing desk or other furniture, ensure it meets the two standards of the European industry. Using a real standing desk makes setting up a home office easier, especially during the hard times of this great pandemic.


Keep a watchful eye on your buyer’s posture. Sell the right product to increase your sales and maintain customer loyalty. So, order your favorite product now or visit our customer care representative for more information.

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