One of the biggest concerns when it comes to electric height-adjustable desks is safety. If an unexpected object, child, or animal gets in the way of a desk in motion, without effective anti-collision technology, injury or damage may occur. For example, a child could unexpectedly run underneath a descending desk at just the wrong time to bump their head. Or, if one installed a new cabinet under a height-adjustable desk but forgot to include the desk’s support beam into height calculations, both the cabinet and desk could suffer serious damage if the desk descends too low.


The current leading “anti-collision” solution is for the motors in the desk to detect any forces in the opposite direction of its movement, and if these forces exceed a certain amount, the desk will automatically stop and reverse. While this is a step in the right direction, it is far from an ideal solution. Going back to the above examples, this type of anti-collision would detect the resistance of the cabinet, preventing any damage; but would be of no help to the child — bumping a child’s head is generally not enough force for the desk to detect, and even if it were, the damage would already have been done.


To provide the utmost safety, LoctekMotion has created a new line of collision-free height-adjustable desks that detect and prevent collisions before they even happen. By using an array of sensors attached to the underside of the desktop, these new desks can recognize if any objects get too close. If anything gets within 1 inch of the descending desktop, the desk will automatically stop its movement, preventing any collisions from happening at all. If you’d like to enhance the safety of your workspace, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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