LoctekMotion to Showcase New Desks and Motorized TV Lifts at CES 2020

CES, one of the largest trade shows in the United States, is coming up in January – and LoctekMotion will have a presence. Many people have heard of CES but aren’t necessarily aware of the wide range of technologies covered there each year. With that in mind, today we will review a thorough background of the conference, what to expect when attending and the exciting innovations LoctekMotion will be unveiling at CES 2020.

CES: The Details

First, the when and where of the upcoming conference: CES 2020 runs from Tuesday, January 7th to Friday, January 10th in Las Vegas. The LoctekMotion booth is in the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC), South Hall 4, booth number 35617.

Next, let’s look at the general background of CES for anyone unfamiliar. CES started as an acronym for Consumer Electronics Show, but now it’s simply shorthand for the annual meeting in Las Vegas that serves as a venue for meetings, discussions and launches of all types of consumer technologies. Technology categories featured at the 2020 event include:

-5G and IoT



-Entertainment and Marketing

-Health and Wellness

-Home and Family

-Immersive Entertainment

-Product Design and Manufacturing

-Robotics and Machine Intelligence



The convention has been put on by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® since 1967 and is one of the largest electronics events in the U.S. with over 4,500 exhibiting companies, 250 conference sessions and over 175,000 total attendees from 160 countries. Business leaders, industry luminaries, press and tech aficionados gather each year to discuss ideas, learn and observe new offerings from “manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more.”

CES describes itself as “the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.” For over 50 years, world-changing innovations have been announced and unveiled at CES. Because of the level of media attention placed on the event, it’s proven to be a prime spot to introduce new products and technologies to the marketplace.

LoctekMotion at CES

LoctekMotion has exhibited at CES for many years, consistently showcasing our latest innovations in ergonomic furniture. In fact, our all-in-one desk bike was named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. At the 2018 LoctekMotion exhibit, the bike was connected to a screen via an IoT app for attendees to try out and see their real-time information such as speed, heart rate and calories burned. We always aim to make our booth fun and interactive, as well as provide opportunities for product feedback and the exchange of ideas about the future of the ergonomic furniture industry.

At CES 2020, we plan to introduce our newly launched motorized TV lifts, including a collaborative media wall that utilizes our advanced lifting column technology.

As a refresher, our line of motorized TV lifts includes:

-Cabinet Lift System: The TV cabinet lift system keeps the screen out of sight in a cabinet when not in use and electronically raises it up and out when needed.

-Floor Stand: The motorized TV floor stand adjusts up and down for comfortable TV watching or video presentations.

-Tabletop Stand: The tabletop stand sits on top of existing furniture to quickly and easily modify TV height for different uses and audiences.

-Cart: The height adjustable TV cart functions similarly to the floor stand but can be wheeled to different rooms when needed.

-Wall Mount: The motorized TV wall mount is affixed to the wall like a traditional stationary mount but offers easy height adjustment via remote control, as well as an attached platform for devices.

In addition to the obvious ergonomic benefit, our line of motorized TV lifts also offers opportunities for enhanced safety, aesthetics and screen damage protection.

Our TV lifts also combine forces to form a collaborative media wall. Designed with conference rooms and classrooms in mind, the media wall can help teachers and other professionals enhance visual communication and increase engagement by easily projecting small screen content onto the large screen of our height adjustable media stand. Unlike other media systems that are fixed or difficult to move, our media wall can be wheeled to any location – creating the flexibility to hold presentations in every available space.

Additionally, LoctekMotion’s exhibit will feature our newly launched height adjustable desks. The latest models in our ET223 product family offer productivity-enhancing features such as ultra-quick installation and industry-leading adjustment speed.


We invite you to stop by the LoctekMotion booth, 35617 in South Hall 4, at CES 2020 for the opportunity to see our products in action. We look forward to welcoming you!

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