The long pandemic has undoubtedly driven business organizations to rethink how their business operates. In spite of this, we have turned to zoom video conferencing to ensure we stay updated with our potential customers and business partners.

With the need to embrace the new social distance method, the zoom video conference is more personalized. It serves as the closest alternative to a face-to-face meeting, which enables business owners to relay messages quickly to end-users. It also provides a forum to ensure effective communication.

In recent times, many businesses might be reluctant to return to their regular office routine. Facebook disclosed that as many as half its 48000 employees could be working from home permanently. Also, Twitter and Shopify say it 5000 employees could also follow the method.

Now, the question is will work from home become a permanent trend? Will the video work mode(zoom) become a new conference mode and product display? Well, in the future, we will use Zoom to display products such as standing desk, lifting column, and others.

In this article, you will understand how working from home has affected the business positively. Why the zoom form of display could be advantageous, the need to come online, be active, and many others. Remember, effective communication is the key to achieve your set objectives during this time.

The Core Benefits Of Zoom As A Display Method

The benefits of zoom as a new conference mode in business cannot be downplayed. It saves commute time and plays a critical role in keeping global employees connected. It emerged as the latest trend because of the global pandemic and the quest to continue business while you work remotely.

1. Providing Inclusive Approach For Businesses And Workflows

It is difficult to dispute the advantages of video conferences in business. It serves as a useful and engaging tool to improve communication after the pandemic has been contained. Pending the main time, it is an inclusive approach for employees to participate across a range of scenarios.

2. Connect Quickly With Potential Buyers

Remote tools like zoom have provided users with convenience. With this, individuals can utilize the platform to fuel more timely connection between your products, essential contributions as well as the relationship between end-users. They can as well benefits from connecting seamlessly within their comfort zone.

3. It Saves Time And Money

While a business relationship can thrive from in-person meetings to travel,  the zoom conference mode saves time and money. It reduces the cost of transporting yourself to gain substantial time and attention from suppliers of a standing desk and other office furniture.

4. Education Of New Employees And Consumers

There are also advantages of educating new employees and customers in video conferencing. Human Resource department in an organization often uses this method to reach out to potential buyers. On the other hand, the platform is being used to introduce new and existing products.

5. Reliability For Extended Conversations

Zoom is known for its reliability, avoiding outbreaks, and cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have the latent that makes some extended conversations painful. It is reliable and easy to use for both the potential distributors as well as the end-users.

Will Working From Home Become A Permanent Trend?

Working from home may indeed become the rule in the wake of the global viral pandemic. Although employees may return to work after a long time working from home until the end of the pandemic. But at least the remote job may not last forever until a vaccine is applied.

In addition, Twitter CEO jack Dockey recently informed his employees that he could switch to homework permanently. Whereas other similar tech-related companies have announced a similar proposal but yet to be confirmed. So, pending the time the pandemic would be over, working from home will be put in place.

Will Zoom Become A New Video Conference Mode?

Well, it has been quite an eye-opener to most employers how quickly they diversify to a Zoom video conference. Sooner or later, loctekmotion will also embrace the new video system to display our office products. Instead of visiting our main headquarters, you can switch to the platform to see our office furniture products like height adjustable standing desks.

However, many employees are finding out that they can be successful while working at home. More so, it reduces the need for costly office space, and increase flexibility that working from home allows. So, get familiar with the zoom approach as the new global form of product display.

Goal settings are a vital part of achieving business aims and objectives. Without a business goal, your business may keep floundering with no direction. However, your business goals can keep you focused on where you are going and how to get there. Take a look at this trick to drive sales of ergonomically designed office furniture.

zoom display Loctekmotion

1. Track Your Progress 

Part of a successful goal setting is to track your progress. How well are you doing from a business perspective? Do you make sales? How often do you explore loctekmotion products? These are the questions you should ask yourself. Also, find out what motivates your potential buyers and deliver the right product to them.

2. Build a Company’s Support System And Reputation

Zoom as a useful communication tool, is part of the support system. Besides, let your support system help you build and reach the optimal levels in several ways. You can grow support through the following.

  • Learn from your sales experience and marketing options.
  • Explore a series of innovative solutions.
  • Accept any imperfections and move on to deliver the best standing desks.
  • Commit to clarity about what you want to achieve.
  • Review your past performance and sales of our products.


The pandemic is going viral, and there is a need to work and earn. The process also requires a smart strategy; that’s why the video work mode (zoom) becomes the trend. In the future, we hope to give you the best by using Zoom to display our office furniture like a standing desk. Contact the loctekmotion sales team for more information.

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